Airdate: Double Take, TV Burp

double take2Seven has announced its new sketch comedy series, Double Take, will move into a Thursday 8:30pm slot from July 23rd.

The timeslot was the traditional home for Fast Forward’s legendary run.

This series is half the length, 30 minutes, and put together by the team behind Comedy Inc. Produced by FremantleMedia Australia, it will parody TV shows, movies, celebrities, politicians and more. Many of the cast of 7 are theatre performers, and will be relatively new to TV viewers, except for former Comedy Inc’s Paul McCarthy.

It will be followed by Ed Kavalee’s TV Burp, based on a UK format Harry Hills’ TV Burp. This is described as “a comedic trip through the ‘week that was’ in television.”

It insists “no show, no channel, no celebrity is safe!” Good to hear.

It premieres 9pm Thursday July 23rd.


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