Airdate: Jamie Saves Our Bacon

jamie_saves_our_baconLast year we sat through that horrendous, if worthy, Jamie Oliver special on chickens and eggs. It was excruciating television.

Now the British chef is set to expose the pork industry in a new special Jamie Saves Our Bacon.

TEN will screen this Channel 4 special at 9:30pm Wednesday August 5th, replacing an episode of House. It screened in the UK in January as a 90 minute special.

“Can Jamie Oliver do for pigs and pork what he helped do for chickens and eggs? A no-holds-barred look at pig rearing and the current issues surrounding the pork industry. And, at a time when we’re all feeling the pinch, he’ll be cooking cheap, but tasty cuts of pork to feed a family on a budget.”


  1. The vast majority of English meat is raised through factory farming, as it is here. The situations are very similar, as are the conditions in which the animals are kept. I don’t particularly like Jamie Oliver, but the way pigs are treated in factory farms is appalling, and this is a worthy issue. I hope a lot of people watch.

  2. Why do they bother showing this since its related to the UK industry and we can’t draw any kind of parallel to the Australian situation.

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