Airdate: Law and Order: UK

laouk1It seems three Law and Order franchises aren’t enough, now we’re getting the UK version as well.

This ITV spin-off from Dick Wolf features a cast including Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica), Freema Agyeman (Doctor Who) Bradley Walsh, Harriet Walter, Ben Daniels, and Bill Paterson.

As previously reported, all the scripts are taken from the original Law & Order show but adapted to fit with the British legal system.

Wolf says that legally β€œthe biggest difference here was the wigs. The law is not really that dissimilar.”

TEN will premiere the series at 9:30pm Wednesday August 12th following the finale of SVU. Meanwhile Criminal Intent finishes on August 13th.


  1. 7 episodes have aired in the UK, with the remaining 6 scheduled for September. Season 2 (a further 13 episodes) has already been commissioned by ITV.

  2. I’ll tune in if the under-utilised Ben Daniels is in this. He was brilliant in the Beeb/America coproduction of The State Within.

    I still think UK legal shows could follow a better more innovative format; North Square of a few years back was a great example.

    Still, the Dick Wolf machine grinds on!

    Jaymz, did this not make it past the first six eps?

  3. Odd. I figured that the ABC would have acquired the rights to this. Ten aren’t exactly known for excelling with British programming. πŸ˜›

    L&O:UK might have interested me a few years but not so much nowadays. I’m so over procedural/crime shows.

  4. I’ve seen many of the UK episodes and they feel dated (I know they are remakes of old stories) as if it was a 90’s show.

    The product works, but I feel true British drama (or perhaps some British writing/storylines) wins over L&O UK.

  5. oh cool I’ve seen the first ep ages ago and thought it was intresting to watch so I well be watching it again and then maybe the rest.

    I guess that this is the closest that we’ll get to seeing an Aussie version of Law & Order.

    I wish we could see the french versions of CI & I think there’s a version of SVU too

  6. hehe.. there was also the short lived Law and Order: Trial by Jury.. and the other Dick Wolf production “conviction”.. what a franchise! hehe

  7. Am I right in thinking Chris Chibnall, former lead writer on Torchwood, is running this? Not a good sign if so – new series of Torchwood is so much better without him.

    Love Freema Agyeman though, so looking forward to checking it out.

  8. I loved this show, I thought it was excellent.

    I heard that it won’t be continuing; the original order of episodes were cut short. But I just checked Wikipedia, and apparently a second season has been picked up.

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