Airdate: Michael Jackson: Picking up the Pieces

jacko1The snap specials on Michael Jackson just keep on coming.

TEN has now announced a special to go to air tonight (Wednesday) at 8pm, Michael Jackson: Picking Up The Pieces.

The show promises: “While millions of people around the world continue to pay their respects to Michael Jackson after his sudden passing; this special presentation takes a look at both his legacy as the King of Pop and the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death.”

This bumps a new ep of The Simpsons out of schedule -a shame given it’s been off air a few weeks- and Law & Order: SVU back to 9pm.

7:00pm MasterChef Australia (As Scheduled)
8:00pm Michael Jackson: Picking Up The Pieces
9:00pm Law & Order: SVU
10:00pm House
11:00pm TEN Late News With Sports Tonight
11:45pm The Late Show With David Letterman
12:30am The Cooks

It also plans a Video Hits special at 10am Sunday: Video Hits Presents: Michael Jackson – A Tribute

Seriously, do you think they do all these late changes just to drive traffic here?


  1. Pretty decent show, it held my interest, I was going to give it away after the first break if it wasn’t any good but did enough (barely) but told the story fairly well.

    Decent enough ratings so I guess whilst these specials pull easy figures of over 1 Million they have to be considered a success.

  2. This was way better than what they showed in Nine! But I think the “Last Time” in Seven next week would be a great and honourable way to close an MJ tribute.

  3. There are now promos for another special on Seven (next Monday 7.30).

    So to update my previous post,

    yawn. Ten, Nine & Seven milking the death of all it’s worth I see with a second “special”

  4. The Michael Jackson “funeral” is taking place Saturday morning our time in LA. Expect nothing else on TV this weekend the way all 3 commercial networks have been acting.

  5. Sillygostly

    I too am surprised that Ten haven’t yet bothered to play the Simpsons episode which Michael Jackson guest starred in (way back in 1991, I believe). For some reason (it was mentioned in the DVD commentary), MJ was credited under the pseudonym “John Jay Smith”, and this was poked fun at in a later episode. Funnily enough, MJ’s character in that particular episode was an overweight, “white” mental patient.

    Ten would’ve done well to play the episodes “Stark Raving Dad” and “‘Round Springfield” as a tribute to MJ (the latter episode has nothing to do with MJ, however it deals with the death of a black Jazz musician).

  6. This is just plain wrong by Ten considering I saw an advertisement for the New Simpson episode yesterday. Shame on CH10! This is disgusting.

  7. I heard it’s a direct CBS episode, should be clean and decent…This should be good…I’ll watch this tonight! Not sure if Nine will have another one hour MJ doco tonight though??

  8. If Ten wants to cash in on Michael Jackson news (but placate Simpsons fans at the same time) they should just replay The Simpsons episode he guest starred in. It would be a far better “tribute” than whatever this thing is.

  9. You know what – good – this’ll give em a decent chance at making some headway into Wednesday night – Simpsons and SVU are doing nothing for them right now.

  10. In regards to New Simpsons whichhas been held over for two weeks because of 90 minute shows of MasterChef and now it’s going to be held over for another week. “Eeny Teeny Maya Moe”, which was to air tonight, will probably screen next Wednesday in place of “The Good, the Sad and the Drugly”.

    It’s good to see Video Hits are planning on paying respects as last weekend all Video Hits had was a show on Parklife and music from Movies.

    I agree with George, it would have been better having this Michael Jackson special on Thursday instead of Rules of Engagement. As there are way more fans of Simpsons then there is of ROE.

  11. thats now three weeks in a row without new simpsons. previously there were 90 minute specials of MC, now its the MJ special. they should just air the episode of simpsons with the fake MJ as a tribute instead.

  12. What! they have been promoting the new Simpsons all week, I even just heard it on the radio and now at the 11th hour they dump it!

    They should have at least had it on at 8:30pm but I guess they want to get a jump on ch9 and hope people don’t want more at 9:30?

  13. looks like a good lineup, very good to see House back tonight, also i think alot of people will stay to watch the 9pm SVU and wont switch over to channel 9 for their Michael Jackson show tonight which starts at 9:30pm.

  14. masterchef challenge lead-in will help and this should keep some viewers away from the nine special on at 9:30 just from story overload i would think.

    will be interesting to see how this rates.

  15. So thats 2 ‘specials’ on tonight. You;d think they’d spread them out! I suppose at least they arnt going head to head, with nines at 9.30

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