Airdate: Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash

hudson_airplane_crash_2“This is the captain speaking. Brace for impact,” the passengers heard.

Within seconds they had created history.

Not quite Air Crash Investigations, Seven has a documentary on the plane that crash landed into New York’s Hudson River when a flock of birds struck the engine of Flight 1549 in January.

The UK doco tells a minute-by-minute story of that day through first-hand testimonies of those who were there, including passengers, eyewitnesses and rescuers.

Miracle of the Hudson Plane Crash airs 7:30pm Monday August 3rd on Seven.

A preview is available on YouTube.


  1. Fantastic show. I am a flight attendant…. and this is definately a miracle! The chances of landing on water and surviving that are next to none!

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