Airdate: Pinky & Perky

4How cute does this look?

Get ready for two pigs who have their own show, featuring Pup Idol and a devious ‘Simon Cow!’

Pinky and Perky are a pair of lovable twin piglets who have just been given their own live TV show.

Their show is loud, messy and frequently out of control, which makes it a huge hit with the kids at home – and very unpopular with some of the grownups at the TV station.

In the first episode Pinky and Perky arrive at PPCTV to the sound of screaming fans who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Jason Jasons – a mega pop star booked to appear on their show. But when he arrives and starts making demands, Pinky and Perky are less than impressed.

However, when Jason’s top celebrity agent Simon Cow promises Perky the chance of a glittering music career, he is instantly won over, but Pinky smells a rat! Pinky’s suspicions turn out to be well-founded, but before he can reveal Jason’s dark secret, he has to contend with Simon Cow’s devious double-crossing tactics.

In the second ep, rock band Bat Sabbath are due to appear on the show but lead singer Batty Belagosi can’t resist playing pranks on a terrified Perky.

It all begins Tuesday August 11 at 4:10pm, on ABC1.

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