Airdate: Tangle

At long last, the next drama from the makers of Love My Way has a starting date: October 1st. This will be one to watch.

Tangle7The long awaited new drama from the makers of Love My Way finally has an airdate.

Tangle will premiere 8:30pm Thursday October 1st on Showcase.

The highly-anticipated 10 part drama set around inter-connected families and relationships, has a stellar cast including Ben Mendelsohn, Justine Clarke, Kat Stewart, Matt Day, Catherine McClements and Joel Tobeck.

It was created by producers John Edwards, Imogen Banks and writer Fiona Seres, who has scripted the series with Tony McNamara. Its three top-notch directors include Jessica Hobbs, Matt Saville and Stuart McDonald.

Widely perceived as the successor to Love My Way, this contemporary drama set in the affluent suburbs of Melbourne, will surely be one to watch.

Tangle8Synopsis: Tim Williams has the world at his feet. Tipped for a top job in Cabinet, he is well on his way to becoming Premier. With a happy marriage, a good relationship with his teenage son and respect from his peers, his future is looking great. There’s only one little problem: 15 years ago, Tim had a brief, ill judged affair with drug-loving wild-child Nat Manning. The affair ended in pregnancy. After confessing to his wife Christine, they patched up their marriage and fought bitterly for custody of the child, Max.

Nat fled to London and has barely been heard from since. Now 10 years on, Nat is a mere smear on the landscape of the Williams’ hard won, happy lives.

But Nat is back … and there is a secret undercurrent to the world into which she returns. Her sister, Ally, is living in domestic oblivion. Unaware that her husband, Vince, is having an affair, Ally is also blind to the fact that his best friend, Gabriel, is in love with her. She is oblivious to Vince’s plans: a builder with ambition to jump into the big league, Vince can almost smell the possibility of a life of power, money and sex. If Tim Williams is going to climb the political ladder, then Vince is determined to extract his own benefits through their secret family connection.

But Nat has a way of exposing what’s hidden.

And through it all, the teenage children of Ally and Vince, Nat, Tim and Christine, and Vince’s mistress Em, are busily creating their own generation of chaos as they discover sex, danger, and the thrills of oncoming adulthood.

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  1. First we had all the best Aussie dramas competing against each other on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday now it seems Thursday is the big night for Oz drama. We’re going to have Rush, East West 101 and Tangle all screening at 8.30pm on Thursdays.

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