Airdate: The Latest on Michael Jackson

Michael-JacksonThis just in.

5pm Saturday.

Channel Nine.

A week since his death has been so controversial so tonight we bring you the latest from those closest to the King of Pop, as well as never before seen home videos of Jackson and his children and much more.

To be hosted by David Attenborough who was originally presenting A Spy in the Den at the same time.

That last bit I made up.

That is all.

UPDATED:  Seems this is actually a 20/20 ABC Special: Michael Jackson: The Life Behind the Music.


  1. You guys all dont have to watch if you dont want too, there are other channels on TV you know!!! Or you can actually go out and do something instead of TV being your life! Stop complaining about it!!

  2. Yeah, fair enough with music channels, but constant unexpected specials eroding our weekly tv on FTA?

    And putting them on with sometimes only a days’ notice? OK on the day he passed but a week or so on, please!

  3. The Overflogging Continues this weekend on Pay-TV.. Here is an Updated EPG of the Music Channels this weekend covering MJ.. Talk about bloody overkill!

    Saturday, 4th July MAX>
    7:58am> Michael Jackson: Top 10 12:02pm> Michael Jackson: Top 50 5:21pm> Michael Jackson: Live in Bucharest

    Saturday, 4th July VH1>
    8am> Michael Jackson: ’80s at 8 9am> Michael Jackson: ’90s at 9 10am> Jackson Family: top 10 @ 10 12:15pm> All time Top 40 Michael Jackson

    Saturday, 4th July MTV Australia>
    6pm> All time top 40 Michael Jackson

    Sunday, 5th July MAX>
    8:30am> Rewind: Michael Jackson

    Sunday, 5th July [v]>
    12pm> Michael Jackson Tribute Hour

    Sunday, 5th July MTV Australia>
    2:30pm> 2009 BET Awards 3:53pm> Michael Jackson: King of Pop 8:30pm> 2009 BET Awards

    Sunday, 5th July VH1>
    5:33pm> Michael Jackson: VH1 Salutes 6:59pm> All time Top 40 Michael Jackson 10:17pm> Michael Jackson’s secret Childhood 11:30pm> Michael Jackson: VH1 Salutes

  4. ok.. MTV Australia is about to Milk it too..

    Sunday from 2:30pm> The 2009 BET Awards (tribute to Michael Jackson) followed by Michael Jackson: The king of Pop (special)

  5. I think the concert to be screened on Monday Night at 7.30pm on 7 will be the showcase of Michael the best of all the specials screened recently

  6. Stop milking it channel nine!!! Makes you look not only desperate, but it is really pathetic!!
    That goes to channel 7 on monday too!!!

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