Airdate: True Beauty

true-beautyTrue Beauty will premiere on Seven at 9:30pm Thursday July 16th.

The US series, produced by Tyra Banks and Ashton Kutcher features contestants competing to see who is the most beautiful. The catch is they think they are only being tested on outer beauty.

Hosted by three judges, NolĂ© Marin, Cheryl Tiegs, and Vanessa Minnillo, the 10 male and female contestants are competing for $100,000 and to be “featured People magazine’s 100 most beautiful people issue.”

Thursday nights is also where Seven tried Age of Love with Mark Philippoussis.

This series premiered in the US in January.


  1. I’m going to be unashamedly honest. This looks like a new guilty pleasure. I loved the trashy value of Age of Love with Mark Philippoussis. All the younger women were bimbos and the older womens faces so stretched and then the ultimate joke being that Mark Phillippoussis was a catch… Was very funny and enjoyable.

    I’m equally thrilled by the casting for an Australian Beauty and the Geek which is another mindless stupid reality competition that provides shameless laughs.

    I first realised I enjoyed these obsurdly ridiculous and stupid shows with The Simple Life. It was titled so accurately. Truly simple, incredibly hilarious. Seasons 1, 3 and 4 were hilarious. Season 2 wasn’t at such a good standard because they were never anywhere long enough to get into any unscripted trouble and season 5 was purely scripted and therefore complete garbage.

    Like I said though, guilty pleasures.

  2. They also had the terrible Australian version of Playing it Straight on Thursday nights, and (I think) the first series of Joe Millionaire. Thursday nights seems to be where they dump all their trash reality shows. The Amazing Race isn’t a trashy reality show so I don’t include that.

  3. Based on all the promos, I thought this tripe would get a primetime slot.

    You can really tell the purse strings have been tightened at all the networks with these nasty, cheap US reality shows filling numerous slots.

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