Airdates: Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam, Gourmet Farmer, Italian Food Safari

shrimpSBS is about to turn up the heat in its kitchen with several new food-oriented shows to screen in the 7:30pm slot following the The Ashes series.

The shows were already on the network’s slate before the success of MasterChef Australia, but no doubt it is encouraged by the interest in the genre. This week Food Investigators performed well for the network too.

“We’ve all recently seen the incredible appetite Australian audiences have for food shows, and we know that quality food programs bring people together in a special way”, said Matt Campbell, SBS Director of Television and Online Content.

“We’ve got a number of interesting and entertaining food series that will surprise and engage audiences. These new shows have credible and passionate chefs, food critics and experts who make likable and knowledgeable TV hosts as they explore new and interesting ways to approach food.”

New programs set to occupy the Thursday 7.30pm slot include:

My Family Feast
7 episodes from Thursday 27 August
A celebration of food, family and the stories of life…an invitation to feast with some of Australia’s most culturally diverse families with award-winning chef Sean Connolly. The show will focus on one extended family per episode, allowing an in-depth view of each individual culture and food – Italian, Congolese, Chinese, Burmese, Vietnamese, Iraqi and Cuban families will all feature during the series. Members of the entire family –grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles and second cousins – are involved, allowing Connolly to gain a complete insight into their particular immigrant experience, be they first, second or seventh generation Australians. As the viewers learn a new recipe, they also discover the stories and traditions behind its history.

Luke Nguyen’s Vietnam
10 episodes from Thursday 15 October
A cultural and culinary tour of Vietnam seen through the eyes of charismatic host Sydney chef and restaurateur Luke Nguyen. Luke’s family fled Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1975. A perilous voyage ensued eventually taking the family to Australia via a Thai refugee camp where Luke was born. Luke has since been back to Vietnam on many occasions and speaks fluent Vietnamese. This fascinating and colourful series takes us on a unique journey around the south of Vietnam bordering Cambodia.

Gourmet Farmer
10 episodes from Thursday 7 January
This series follows the well known food critic Matthew Evans as he finds and settles into a farmlet in rural Tasmania. To succeed in this new venture he must learn about the best animals to rear, how to plant a fruitful garden and to cook with a woodfired oven. Matthew’s philosophy is that to really know our food, to trust our food, we need to have an association, or at least knowledge of, those that grow it or rear it for us. The more degrees of separation from our food, the less it resonates in our lives.

Italian Food Safari
13 episodes Thursday 18 March
Much loved foodie, broadcaster and author, Maeve O’Meara, joins forces with celebrated Melbourne restaurateur Guy Grossi to explore and celebrate Italian food throughout Australia. Maeve has always been the passionate observer and ever curious kitchen hand. Guy’s strengths are decades of cooking experience and deep love of Italian cuisine. Aside from being able to translate trade secrets and coax long lost cooking tips from besotted nonnas, he is supremely qualified as our experts’ expert.

All SBS food programming is supported extensively online at with specific program-related websites and online exclusive extras. Written recipes from each new series will be available online along with video segments from the programs.

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  1. All the above shows are listed at 7.30pm when in fact in qld they are on at 6,30pm
    so that we dont continually miss them how about showing qld time or marking your program as above as esdst?
    Also the vietnamese show talks about a competition to visit the country when in fact it is not listed on your webpage to enter.

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