All Saints on life support

aasMore questions emerged on the future of All Saints at the weekend.

While the Sunday Telegraph says the long-running drama is “facing the axe,” The Australian later clarified it has not been renewed for 2010.

As we’ve known for sometime, Seven did decide to trim back the episode output of the medical soap.

It has been cut from 40 episodes this year to just 22.

One report says the show’s writers had been told production on the long-running medical drama would halt after this series. Filming will end in August, rather than November. But the problem is,the show could struggle to retain some of its creative team with the earlier conclusion.

The network will be looking to see how it performs as a drama double with Packed to the Rafters.

On Friday a Seven spokesperson told TV Tonight the show had not been axed.

All of othe network’s weekly drama series are now on 22-28 week seasons. Seven confirmed All Saints ends its season production soon.

Source: The Australian


  1. Channel 7 has a Choice of Either Greys,Scrubs or Private Practice all of which can be used when the axe falls on All Saints.

    I thought when I read this they were referring to the British Girl Band of the Nineties All Saints but no they are referring to the Medical Drama of the same name

  2. Get Rid Of It.

    A better use for that timeslot If they must have a Medical Drama is something like Greys Anatomy or Private Practice.

  3. Let It go.

    This is one hour too much of medical programs a week.

    This would be a good timeslot for double episodes of scrubs If It weren’t for the damned local content regulations.

  4. I can accept the axing of the show if the intention is to explore and produce other Australian drama. However it is 11 years old and maybe it is time to move on. Sadly not a case of teaching an old dog new tricks but knowing when to let go

  5. We cannot let good Australian drama die. All Saints has been too important for Australian TV, and has a loyal audience base. Tell everyone you know to contact Ch 7, and tell them to watch tonight, and show that it still is one of Australia’s favourite shows.

    Contact Channel Seven – 02 9877 7777

    PO Box 777, Pyrmont, NSW 2009

  6. Leave it on at 9:30. I love All Saints. I still think there is life in it still. Cut back episodes do whatever but don’t axe it please 7.

  7. the trimming was definitely a good decision, i’d say next year dump the MRU, make it cheap to make again, advertise it as “returning to it’s roots”, then if 7 still think it is not worthwhile i will understand if it goes. but only then. i think there are many steps to take before such a drastic measure is taken.

    if it ends this year it will have something like 497 episodes. it would be soo mean not to let it celebrate its 500th. or maybe that’s a good place to end it?

  8. They can still try other things. I say giv it another season to see if anything improves.
    Get rid of the MRU! It was the worst thing they could do to the show. They need to look at what they were doing in 2006 and see whats missing now. Us earlier seasons as a benchmark for what the show should be like to improve the ratings.

  9. If this can do 1.2 – 1.4 mil in a 9.30 slot after Rafters then theres no reason to axe it.
    It did 1.2 last week with a lesser Rafters lead in, lets see tomorrow night how it goes

  10. All Saints is a definite 9.30 show now but its the strongest 930 performer around, other than NCIS Rpts?!? I don’t think Seven should be swinging the axe, although trimming its episode count was the right thing to do.

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