Auditions: The Shak

picassoChannel Nine is looking for a new female member to join The Shak.

Kendal Rae Negorcka (Picasso) has decided to return to acting, after four years and over 500 episodes on the kids’ show.

“I took on a challenge four years ago when I started on The Shak and now I’m ready for a new one. I’m a firm believer in not letting fear make my decisions for me and I’ve decided the time is right to move on,” she said.

Filmed predominantly on the Gold Coast, the show has been running since 2007. This year the team graduated from a ‘cubbyhouse’ setting to a shared house.

Last year Nine also had to re-cast for key positions on Hi 5 when long standing members departed.

The search for a new member is being conducted by Nine in conjunction with TV Week magazine. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 25.

Entry forms will be available via Entries close Friday, July 31.


  1. How exciting, i would have loved to Audition but since having just found out about the available position, auditions have closed. i wondered whether i could still get an late entry form some how??

  2. Gerrard: Miranda Deakin, particularly as she stayed with Nine Brisbane after Hot Source wrapped up, to make way for The Shak, this time in a serious role with Brisbane Extra, until it was axed recently.

    Unfortunately now, a Queenslander can’t get a job in their home state, due to the commercial networks reluctance to provide local content, particularly 7, where their advertorials have a “bad reputation” (compared to 9’s Extra, which will take years to fix, as GSE’s pretaped months in advance, compared to Extra’s 1-2 day turnaround from filming to airing, out of date websites etc.) amongst some older viewers, who remember the older stuff 7 Brisbane used to produce 20 years ago which used local talent heavily, occasionally with live programming.

  3. Nine’s childrens’ TV certainly does help lead into a successful career. David Whitehill, Miranda Deakin and Asha Kuerten got their break on [Hot] Source, while Tara who now hosts CBeebies got hers on the science show Y?. Charlie Delaney started on Hi-5.

  4. Do you think David, due to the ABC’s “Me on 3” promo, that 9 may actually have trouble finding the “Picasso replacement”?

    I honestly think that this was what they should have done when Eco left, a few months back, at least Picasso is getting the farewell she deserves.

    (Note: Kuttsy can’t enter, as they are looking for women.)

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