Axed: The Street

thestreetUK drama The Street, which stars Jim Broadbent and Jane Horrocks,  will conclude after its third series.

Creator Jimmy McGovern told Radio 4 that the decision is due to cutbacks at ITV.

“It’s finished now because ITV have closed down that drama unit,” McGovern explained. “I am sure that’s why Michael Grade left – because it was a content-led revival, he said, and they have closed down the producers of the best content.”

On the possibility of recruiting another producer for the drama, he said: “I wouldn’t want to – it belonged [at ITV Studios]. All the people have gone. You live and breathe with people, you walk into busy rooms and see people working hard – the casting, the make up, the wardrobe, even the receptionists – and the next minute they are all gone.”

The Street’s third series launched in the UK this week.

The award-winning drama began airing in Australia on the Showcase channel in February.

Source: Digital Spy


  1. This was the reason I added Showtime to my channel packages earlier this year. Series 1 and 2 were fantastic but emotionally draining. All good things come to an end. Rather have less series than overkill like what they are doing with Shameless.

  2. A shame, but not unexpected.

    The Street actually was originally intended for C4, but they pulled out. ITV then didn’t want it themselves, so the BBC picked it up. Indeed most of ITV’s best shows are the ones they make for other channels.

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