Celebrity MasterChef chop-chops Sarah Wilson

swMatt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan are all set to appear in Celebrity MasterChef when the show begins in October, but host Sarah Wilson is out.

A TEN spokesperson said, “It’s just one hour a week and with the judges and celebrities, a host just doesn’t work in that format.”

In a strong debut season, one of the few shortcomings of the show was the lack of duties for Wilson. Like Ajay Rochester she was left to do little more than read the autocue, which was unfortunate given she seemed adept at the task. Much of the hosting fell to Gary Mehigan, something that would never have happened if other personalities were in the role.

So far there is no clarity whether Wilson will return for 2010 either.

“The show has just finished so we haven’t had a proper chance to debrief after the finale,” said the spokesperson.

“The actual details of season two and all of the intricacies are still in discussion and negotiation.”

With its male dominated judges, TEN would be wise to retain Wilson for the second series, but give her more to do.

Should she not return for 2010 that would make two female hosts removed from TEN’s two biggest shows, following the non-renewal of Ajay Rochester for The Biggest Loser.

Source: news.com.au


  1. Sarah Wilson brings a much-needed female voice to the show. I think at times when the judges are walking around the cooking areas asking the cooks what they’re doing, Sarah could fill in that role. There are plenty of places in the show where she could host, and the judges could just step back. However, if they don’t find her anything else to do than what she does now, then she’s not needed.

  2. we have to atleast have 1 chick hosting or judging!! i dont want to watch 3 guys! either keep sarah or get a chick chef and replace george

  3. I have nothing against Sarah but I really thought she was an unnecessary addition to the show. The judges were more than capable of hosting the show each night – they virtually did anyway. And I hated it when she assisted with judging the food at the Wedding Reception challenge – of course she would say her chicken was “dry” after Matt said his was!

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