Cover story or personal story?

jgA women’s magazine is about to get stuck into young soapie star Jodi Gordon, who made news last month after an incident in which police were called to a Sydney apartment.

Now, the Home and Away star is the subject of a story involving Kings Cross strip clubs.

It will also report that she is ready to give up her role on the long-running soap and head overseas.

The claims are just too private to republish here, and given they don’t sound illegal (right, Prime Minister?) it’s an unfortunate turn of events.

So far few media seem to be asking why a young actress is in the emotional state that delivers them such cover story copy. Is the fact that she is female and not a partying sports star simply better reading?

Australians have frequently rallied behind those who are targetted unfairly by media, particularly when news is deemed to be an invasion of privacy. Last year Andrew O’Keefe saw a wave of support after media had a field day with his personal life after a night of partying in Melbourne.

What is newsworthy here, is whether such articles ultimately tarnish Gordon’s media image and how it fits with that of the Seven soap. Certainly a recent admission of drug use is out of step with a network’s image.

Of course many might argue that Home and Away storylines trade in stalkers, kidnappers and assorted criminal elements as much as teeny romancers.

Sometimes even poledancers.



  1. It would be no-ones business if she had conducted herself in a professional, adult manner – since she didn’t, she is fair game in my eyes.

  2. What’s with all the indignation and outcry over revelations of here private life? If this was a rugby league player then people would see it as very relevant as they clamoured to have the culprit hung, drawn and quatered. Why is it that Jodi Gordon should be immune while others are stripped of their livelihood and character for less?

  3. Anyone have any information on the Woman’s Day editorial team about what they get up to in their private lives they’d like to share?

  4. I am fed up with these “stories” with comments from unnamed sources and always in same newspaper.
    Why not just say “Once upon a time….”
    Or one of these days someone will open the can of worms on the journos (AKA gossipmongers) that repeatedly spread this tripe.
    Everyone has secrets

  5. ‘ “The claims are just too private to republish here” ,,, but here is the link so you can read it yourself like I already have … ‘

  6. @lou. Why does she have to be responsible? Obviously if someone does something illegal that’s one thing and that’s news. It was correct to report on the police being called to the house. That was a news story. This is sort of stuff is such trashy reporting. So was the O’Keefe thing. I don’t think most people actually care about this sort of stuff, it and I think it’s one of the reasons magazine circulation is falling.

  7. The media has gone too far this time, as if Jodi wasn’t dealing with enough, going through a very public breakup. I hope channel seven has the sense not to fire her over this oversensationalised story in a rubbish magazine that just happens to be owned by her ex boyfriend’s rivals.

  8. This story makes her ten times hotter and will only enhance her image in Hollywood circles, considering H&A seems content to turn out Megan Fox clones on an annual basis now. Funny how if this had been published in FHM, nobody would care less. But when your mum’s trash mag prints it, it’s scandalous!

  9. Such mags have about as much credibility as the National Enquirer – ie: none.

    Besides how can she be thinking of leaving the show when it was only announced about 3 weeks ago that she had re-signed with the show??

    If I were her I’d take the article with a pinch of salt and a gaggle of lawyers.

  10. Publications such as New Idea and Womans Day have no credibility anyway. Some of the ‘stories’ that they print are pure fabrication. As for Jodi Gordon, I’ve never watched Home and Away, so I wouldn’t know her if I tripped over her. What she chooses to do in her private time (as long as its legal) is her business.
    Maybe if people stop buying these magazines the message will get through – we just don’t care!

  11. It was only a matter of time before she “left” H&A. Now she can use the one-way air ticket to Hollywood that they all seem to get as part of their contract.

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