Extra serve for MasterChef finale

TEN adds another 30 mins to the MasterChef finale, delaying Glee's screening to 9:30pm.

gmBuoyed by the enthusiasm for the biggest reality hit of the year, a very chuffed TEN adds another 30 minutes to MasterChef‘s finale this Sunday night -despite the fact that it has already been filmed.

That pushes the advance screening of Glee out to 9:30pm now.

7:30pm MasterChef Australia – Finale Night
9:00pm MasterChef Australia – The Winner Announced
9:30pm Glee: Special Advance Screening
10:30pm The Biggest Loser
12:00am Moto GP
1:10am Motorcycle Racing: FIM 250cc Championship
2:15am Harper’s Island

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  1. Having thoroughly enjoyed Master Chef and love to see what the contestants cook, I think a 2hr finale on Sunday is extreme and the viewer will have to cop more repetitive & boring padding,

    For most of us who watch every night and cook at home it was obvious Pho should win and Lucas should go as I believe the judges tend to go for well plated attractive food.

    I see in the ‘News’ today that we have another perceived romance on set, this week its Julia and Chris (last week Poh and a camera man)…….I’m struggling with this combination, time will tell.

  2. Id say the finale would average at least 2.5million. For the ‘winner announced’ section maybe even 3million! If over 2.5million people can manage to tune in for a couple of hours of underbelly, im sure the masterchef finale can do better. What will be intresting to see, is where all these viewers wil go at 9pm? Id say the majority will switch off. Intresting to see what Glee will get.
    And ten should have no excuse for the show to go overtime. Its pre-recorded, and long enough already. Ill be watching the clock, and i expect it to end by 9pm on the dot.

  3. Jimmy, it’s popular because it’s entertaining, fresh, fun and great TV. The contestants are great and it teaches us how to cook. TEN nail reality shows and they nailed masterchef.

  4. What a disgrace to the food & beverage industry of Australia. How on earth did Julie suvive that challenge. if something like that puddle was serve to me in a Restaurant I would make sure that I never returned to that restaurant again.
    At least Lucas had produced 2 pies that ressembled what the judges were asking for.
    Poh’s presentation with the Rhubarb was great, sorry but 2 chocolate sweet pastry biscuits with Rhubarb in the middle is not by any way a Pie.
    Chris should have won even though he had an advantage, his products were the best.

  5. They better be careful, if they drag it out too much they could kill any chance of MC being a hit again next year. That 30min episode for the winner announced better not be just 28mins of highlights and recaps and stalling tactics.

    Jimmy: Maybe you have to enjoy cooking on some level to enjoy MC, i love seeing what they come up with and want to try some of those dishes. Its very refreshing when compared to the tripe we are usually served by the networks.

  6. making the finale longer would not be difficult as most challenges are heavily edited. this would mean that the final challenge can be shown with less cuts.
    comparing masterchef to other shows like biggest loser finale where the only spectacle is seeing contestants weighing, 2 hours is not long at all.

  7. @Tony H.:

    No, it’s actually a montage of George making a mockery of the rest of us Greeks here in Australia and saying all the stupid things he does, not just “Chop chop”.

    And I wouldn’t say he eats like a pig.. I reckon Rove’s analogy was better – “He looks like he was raised by wolves!” 😛

    OH! I know what it’s going to be! It’s going to be an eating contest to see which judge gets a heart attack first!

  8. According to Yahoo7 TV Guide, Ten had originally extended Sunday’s finale by 10 minutes to finish at 9.10pm. But adding 20 more minutes to make a two-hour event is a bit too far. (The original reason to extend the finale by 9.10pm was that Dancing with the Stars would be shown in South Australia from 7pm to 9pm, due to Seven’s coverage of the AFL twilight game between St Kilda and Adelaide.)

  9. The extra 30 mins is a montage of George slapping the palm of his hand, with the back of his other hand; yelling “chop chop” whilst looking up at the clock; and eating like a pig with a nice slow motion lick of his knife. That leaves 30 seconds for a slow motion recap of Sarah (and the viewer) wondering why she is there.

  10. @Nick:

    2.5-3 mil isn’t an unrealistic guess for the rating. I personally think that during the week about 2.8-4 million people watch MasterChef, but it’s split up between the nights (some people may only watch the Sunday and Wednesday eps, some only Monday and Tuesday, etc) so I think that it could definitely rate that high.
    Either way, the finale is going to rate extremely well and I reckon it might just be the #1 show of the year.
    I’m guessing more around 2.3-2.8 million, but it could definitely peak at over 3 million and the winner announced segment could hit more.

    Talking about that.. At 9PM the winner will be announced.. And Glee starts at 9:30PM. So are they going to drag that out for 30 mins? LOL. I hope that’s an error. Or they might have a presentation after the winner gets crowned.

  11. Monday Nights Episode was a joke how on earth could Lucas lose to a puddle of vomit?

    Masterchef judges need to wake up to themselves…..this is a cooking show not a beauty contest.

  12. I wonder how they’ll pad it out – its not like Idol where you can have famous people come in and make a cameo singing, or get the past contestants to parade around in a choreographed dance number lol. But it’ll be exciting nonetheless to find out who the winner is.

    Oh and the preview to the final week was really well done – seeing Matt Preston cry was really quite affecting – though I dread the thought its because Julie is eliminated 🙁

  13. Ha! I just set the PVR to record Glee. I added a 30 minute buffer to it and wondered if that would be enough, but given the Masterchef is pre-recorded I guess we won’t need that buffer. Good to know. It looks like I will be able to watch Bones live for once too.

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