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Richard Roxburgh and Tom Long return to the ABC soon as disparate brothers re-opening their parents’ 70s backpacker hostel, alongside Susie Porter.

25The second season of ABC’s East of Everything kicks off in two weeks time.

As this season opens, it’s five months on since Art Watkins (Richard Roxburgh) and his brother Vance (Tom Long) re-opened their parents’ 70s backpacker hostel – the Far Out East.





10Key cast members Susie Porter, Craig Stott, Gia Carides, Kathryn Beck and Valerie Bader all return, joined by Nick Tate.

The first episode kicks off with Art trying to launch his long-awaited memoir, ‘Gross National Happiness’, at this year’s Writers’ Festival.

But a symbolic change in the weather is afoot…

It returns 7:30pm Saturday July 25th on ABC1.

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