Gallery: EJ Whitten Legends Game

ej1AFL ‘performer’ Bryan “Strauchanie” Strauchan went from hero to zero in the EJ Whitten Legends Game last night at Ethihad Stadium. After being awarded ‘man of the match’, kicking 3 goals (including the winning goal) he was sidelined at the end of the game by an ankle injury.

So dramatic was his fall that most on the field and in the commentary weren’t sure whether it was all part of an act.

But it was no stunt. Strauchanie had to be helped from the field.

“It could be the end of a great career. Doctors say I won’t walk again, unless I have two blokes on either side of me,” he said.

“I’ll always stay involved in football, maybe I’ll coach.”




Before his spectacular fall, the relentless sports champ from TEN’s Before the Game, was the talk of the game with his eye-catching performance.

Hamish & Andy also managed goals each (2 and 1 respectively), as did Les Hill (Underbelly, Rescue: Special Ops).

Also playing in celebrity positions were Blair McDonough, Vince Colosimo, Russell Gilbert and Damien Oliver.










  1. Like Daniel and Blazza, i was waiting to watch this on 9HD – but it wasn’t on. It was previously reported on this site that it would air in Sydney and Brisbane on 9HD. Any news David as to whether Channel 9 will air a replay up here – maybe during an off-peak period???

  2. It was a good laugh, always fun to see some past players strap on the boots. Hamish and Andy, Strawnie and one of the contest winners (sorry don’t know his name) were great additions.
    Vince Colosimo, I think going into acting was your best option 🙂
    Great fundraiser and must be a fun night for all involved.

  3. I live in QLD and have never seen this game. i have always wanted to. shows like the afl footy show and footy classified are shown here on 9hd at the same time that they air in other states. why couldnt they show it to us on 9hd last night?

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