GO! adjusts launch time

go992GO! will now launch at 6:30pm Sunday August 9th.

Wipeout will be the first show to screen on the new entertainment channel for Nine, with the first episode of the second series of the US version. It replaces plans to air Wipeout Australia.

GO! will simulcast Nine from 7am before breaking out with new programming.


  1. I mean, will Go! ever have a movie to watch sometimes, why would you want to see 4 eps in a row of Big Bang Theory. The show is Okay, but 4 eps, and by looking at what they are advertising on the previews repeating over and over there only seems to be about three or four shows on this channel

  2. @Leon says:
    July 30, 2009 at 5:03 pm
    Any word on GO! coming to Foxtel?

    According to a comment on another forum(media related) it could be October.

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