If it’s Sunday and Monday it must be Las Vegas

las-vegas-sims52UPDATED: Cancel that. Seven decides against Monday episodes, opting to slate Boston Legal reruns from S3E5  from 2006. Sunday Las Vegas continues. Last night it took 208,000 (did not air Melb).

In addition to its Sunday night episodes of Las Vegas, Seven will double the chips with Monday episodes next month.

From Monday August 10th, it will screen twice a week, at 10:30pm.

The show returns to all cities tomorrow except Melbourne which joins with double ep on August 2nd.


  1. Yeah I feel the same. This was one of my favorite shows a few years back and then Seven went and stuffed it around something chronic then it got axed and I sadly lost interest.

  2. Again too late Seven! besides the fact the show ended years ago in the US it left many with a bad taste with the writers strike induced cliff hanger and no resolution at all…

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