Jerry Seinfeld fronts Aussie ad campaign

"Anybody here from Wagga Wagga?" Jerry Seinfeld asks in a new series of ads for a regional Aussie building society.

jerry-seinfeldJerry Seinfeld has filmed a series of ads for an Australian regional building society, Greater Building Society.

Filmed jointly in New York and Sydney, the ads show the comedian performing stand-up outside makshift branches.

Greater’s head of marketing John Dwyer told B&T Today: “Greater is very much a regional building society, and that is why this is such a big coup. Last year we decided we wanted to go down the celebrity path, but not just to label someone, but to find someone who fitted with our advertising, which is a little cheeky to differentiate it from the major banks.”

He also denied a rumoured $10m fee for Seinfeld’s services.

The ads appear on Newcastle’s NBN from Sunday.

Lucky the building society is a regional one. It saves Seinfeld having to repeat that line about Melbourne being at the ‘ass end of the world.’

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  1. The ads will actually air throughout regional NSW as The Greater’s branch network has gradually been extending beyond Newcastle over the past several years. Does this mean the current frontman for The Greater, Newcastle newsreading legend John Church, is now out of a job?

    BTW… he was only speaking the truth when he made that comment about Melbourne.

  2. You can really tell the NY scenes from the Australian scenes. Just look at the awning sizes.

    The kookaburra noises are a bit tacky.

    Still much better than the advertorial style ads with John Church that they used to run.

    Evan (using wifi on a Greyhound bus between Atlantic City and NYC) :->

  3. @ mikeys – Jerry is hardly “scrounging around for gigs” – he is notoriously fussy over what he does with himself since the show ended. He’s done two ad campaigns (Amex and Microsoft IIRC), Bee Movie and guest spots on “Dilbert” and “30 Rock”

    They had a quick story about this on Seven News tonight, which mentioned that he agreed to do the commercials because he liked the idea behind them.

  4. Apparently they payed him between 10 and 10.5 million, extraordinary; I wouldn’t be forking out that type of money – he’s hilarious but for a few commercials. Better hope it pays off.

  5. @mac yeah I don’t remember that either…

    So I guess either Jerry is scrounging around for some gigs, or they paid him a decent ammount.

    I like Jerry, and I like him being on Aussie ads, but I just hope this isn’t due to the fallout from those lame Windows/Bill gates commercials last year (which were pulled)…

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