Leno does Top Gear

Jay fronts up as a Star in a Reasonably Priced Car, and seems surprised at how the show lacks the trappings of Hollywood.

lenoCar-freak Jay Leno, who owns about a gazillion cars, has recently made an appearance on Top Gear, which he confesses is his favourite show.

Leno has previously declined a request to host the US version of the show, but he’s happy to front for the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. And who can blame him?

In this clip he can be seen explaining The Stig to an American audience, as well as being surprised at how inelegant the production facilities are.

In his final chat with Clarkson he doesn’t even seem to be listening. Those crazy Americans.

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  1. Saw rumours of this on Jalopnik last week, but when I saw Usain Bolt was the SIARPC on this this weeks show, I wondered about how accurate it was. Looks like Leno was pre-recorded for a later episode, maybe next weeks as Leno was in U.K. for the Goodwood festival. Excellent video find, it’s just a shame Leno does the typical arrogant yank thing and cuts off someone while they’re having a discussion with him.

  2. I understand and do respect why he declined the US top gear as he doesn’t think you could ever do a version as good as the UK one.

    However he totally should. While i’m more a Conan, Kimmel and Letterman fan, I would love to see him host a top gear spin off. He’d have to be one of the best possible hosts for a spin off.

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