Lockie Leonard wraps in Albany

ll1The shooting of a television series in regional Australia can be a big deal, providing much work and income to local economies. East of Everything, Sea Patrol, Bed of Roses and Dirt Game are a few recent series to have used regional locations.

Channel Nine’s Lockie Leonard has generated more than $4.5 million for the city’s of Albany, in southern Western Australia. This week it finishes its second series after filming for the past five-and-a-half months.

The first series (pictured), also shot in Albany, picked up both Logie and AFI Awards.

Albany Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive, Graham Harvey, said “I mean obviously they came back to town because of the success of the first series and if we can duplicate that success, well, who knows how many future series might be in the bag.

“We’ve probably had enough series on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne and I think it’s a great opportunity for places like Albany to say we’ve got the resources and the facilities to be able to accommodate series such as this.”

Source: ABC

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