MasterChef Australia: The Top 6

mc6With Andre Ursini eliminated from MasterChef last night, the TEN reality series now has its Top 6, who will battle it out next week.

In a taste test on Sri Lankan curry, Andre incorrectly guessed curry powder as an ingredient, allowing Chris to proceed to the final week.

“I can’t believe that a curry would seal my fate in MasterChef,” Andre said. “It’s disappointing but if this is my journey so be it. I wanted to discover if my passion translated into the commercial kitchen and I know it does and I thank the competition for that. There is a real positive for me. I am going to be a chef.”

Gary Mehigan said: “We hope it was a positive experience. You were one of my favourites.”

George Calombaris added: “There is a soft spot I’ve got for you. I love your aggressive positive energy. Please don’t change that. If there was anyone I could bank money on going out there and becoming a chef like me and Gary, it’s you.”

Excitingly, Andre is now considering several opportunities, including a job offer from internationally renowned chef Emmanuel Stroobant of Saint Pierre in Singapore.

TEN now looks to a huge week for the cooking contest, as four contestants will be eliminated over five nights, leaving just two for the final on Sunday July 19th.

The remaining contestants, Justine, Poh, Chris and Julie are re-joined by Lucas and Julia to battle it out.

CHRIS BADENOCH: Beermason Chris from Melbourne has been one of the strongest competitors from the start. Often in the Top 3, Chris has consistently impressed the judges with his inventive style of cooking. Chris has cooked against celebrity chef Alex Herbert and has also been in the pressure test twice, most memorably in the croquembouche episode.

JULIA JENKINS: Food obsessed Julia from Melbourne (originally from Perth) proved that the amateur can do it, when she beat celebrity chef Peter Evans. Fast-tracking to the final week of MasterChef, Julia has spent the past 9 weeks being mentored by Peter, working in his restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne. With invaluable experience of service in professional kitchens under her belt, Julia comes back into MasterChef determined to win.

JULIE GOODWIN: This working mum of three from the Central Coast has been on an amazing journey. Conquering her nerves, Julie has survived several pressure tests and gone on to compete against two celebrity chef’s, the legendary Donovan Cook in Hong Kong, and Adrian Richardson. While she didn’t beat the chef, she has certainly earned her place in the Top 6.

JUSTINE SCHOFIELD: Ex sales executive Justine, from Sydney, consistently proved herself to be among the top of the crop, cooking against Matt Moran and Guy Grossi in celebrity chef challenges and leading her team to victory in several team challenges. Justine was eliminated on a stir fry challenge in Hong Kong after she was pitted against Julie. Returning to MasterChef, Justine has been firmly back on top and her most recent highlight has been winning the navy challenge, where contestants cooked lunch for 200 hungry sailors.

LUCAS PARSONS: Ex professional golfer Lucas, from Sydney, caused a stir in the competition when he beat celeb chef Ben O’Donoghue and fast-tracked to the final week of MasterChef Australia. Rejoining the contestants for a surprise challenge in Hong Kong, Lucas has also spent his time being mentored by celebrity chef Manu Feildel. Working in professional kitchens around Sydney also puts Lucas into the unknown quantity bracket with Julia.

POH LING YEOW: Poh was eliminated from the kitchen after the high octane wedding challenge. The contestants had just 12 hours to prepare a three course wedding menu, and Poh also elected herself to stay up all night making the cake. Her dishes suffered as a result and she was eliminated. Rejoining the competition with Justine and Tom, Poh’s cooking continues to impress the judges. Her abacus beads dish during the first round of auditions still remains one of the most popular dishes the judges have tasted.


  1. I think Po should have been eliminated instead of Julia, seeing as how she won the challenge the previous night and had the advantage of knowing what they would be cooking and had time to study the recipe. Therefore her chocolate and caramal cake should have been the best instead it was shit! It wasn’t finished and not even firm enough to stop falling into a pile when cut.

  2. Talk about a boys club! That’s twice I know of that Chris has won after being helped by the judges. George adjusted the oven temperature for the pig’s cheek and last night they told him the base was too thick so that he could re-do it. Why didn’t they extend the same courtesy to Justine and Julie? Poh’s sliced cake looked like a train smash on a plate. You couldn’t serve that in a restaurant and, although everyone criticized the flavours in Julie’s cake, she got by just because she finished it. What happened to the importance of flavours?
    The judging is making no sense this week, and I’ve completely lost interest in the series. I don’t care who wins now.

  3. I agree with all the others about Chris,arrogant,grotty,ignorant for wearing an outdoor hat indoors,and a lot of the food he cooks doesn’t look very inviting.Please dont let him win.

  4. Masterchef is a favourite with four generations of our family – from the 94 y.o. great-grandmother who still cooks her own meals to the 4 y.o. great-granddaughter who loves helping to prepare food.
    We have learned a lot and we are really going to miss this program.

  5. When eventually we see who wins and we all have the opportunity to try the “masterchef’s” food at their new restaurant…what do I want to see and eat there? I want a restaurant that I walk into that has it’s own style and ambience. I want a friendly but professional establishment with consistency in its service and food. The food – let’s not forget the food- should be cooked from the heart and not just for a competition. I want presentation, aroma, art, texture and most importantly flavour on the plate. And when I return I want more of the same.

    None of the contestants are a sure win….but my favourite as best improved with potential, is… Julie. If she doesn’t win I hope she goes on to cook with some professional chefs as she is a fast learner and with some encouragement in regards to her food presentation and some risk taking in the same area will make her a better chef.

    Justine is mature beyond her years and obviously loves cooking. The camera loves her and her future probably lies not just in a restaurant but on a food show. She will get there as a chef and be commercially successful too! Unfortunately, I feel that in Chris’ restaurant if a dish was not prepared porperly you are likely to be put back in your place in not so uncertain terms. He is cooking for himself and doesn’t really seem to cook in a “giving” or “loving” way. Cooking food for others is putting yourself out there in the most humble of ways – I see nothing humble about Chris.

  6. I hope that slimmy Chris doesn’t win, although I read somewhere that he is Gary’s favourite. He can’t be very fussy when it comes to who’s cooking his food? The inly time he had that “crappy” hat off, was when they were on the Kinimbla, cooking for the sailors, which was good, as you couldn’t see the greasy hair. If he ever runs out of oil in the kitchen, all he has to do is “squeeze” his hair and he’d get enough to fill a bottle.

    Personally I would love to see Julie win, as she has improved out of sight. All she needs to do is hold it together and I think she can do it. She cooks from the heart.

    Go Julie you rock.

  7. Do the judges decide on the winner??? Anyone know? If they do we might as well stop watching now cos it’s obvious they want Chris to win. I have no idea how the finale will work and how winner is picked but what i’d like to see is the final 2 cook a 3 course meal and do what they did the other night with professional chef guests voting on each dish, highest score wins.

  8. Chris is the most discusting, arrogant person, he is rude and basically a horrible person, he takes credit for the other contestants amazing cooking, and I hope the judges are realizing this, fancy saying Sam was as slippery as a teflon pan, good luck to Justine, Poh and Julie, and good riddens to Chris..

  9. Chris needs to have a good look in the mirror. He is overweight, has long greasy hair, is unshaven, wears a hat indoors, has tatoos, and brown noses every professional chef he meets. Despite this, he is still massively over confident in his own ability and treats other contestants like crap. I will never go to his beer restaurant – and i love beer, but I’m scared of his raw chicken.

  10. André lost because he was so narrow in his obsession with Italian cooking (or at least the “Italian” cooking he eats in backwater suburbs of Adelaide or in the tourist traps he visited on a tacky Contiki summer trip to Tuscany the other year).

    It was fitting, almost poetic, that he was undone by a curry.

    Chris is arrogant certainly, but André is wilfully ignorant.

  11. the judges new that Andrea was not up with curries as Chris is. was this set up to eliminate Andrea and therefore is Chris favoured by the judges to win,’ hope not ‘

  12. Chris has been my favourite contestant to watch from the start, so I’m really hoping he wins the competition, but I’ll also be very happy if Justine does 🙂 …

  13. I agree with all of you guys. I don’t like Chris. He appears cunning, calculative, insensitive like hell. He has no dignity of a masterchef at all. It would be a big failure of this program if he win this title. A masterchef isn’t only about cooking well, it is about style, dignity and leadership. Hope next time Ten will screen better quality of contestants!

  14. tasmanian devil

    I was in Woolworths one day and noticed on the cover of TV week magazine that Julie was getting a makeover, but haven’t seen it on TV yet. Anyone know anything about that? Perhaps i missed it.

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