MasterChef: Chris eliminated. It’s Poh v Julie!

Beer merchant and hot favourite Chris Badenoch has divided viewers, but the judges have dashed his dream of becoming the winner of MasterChef Australia.

cbMasterChef Australia‘s first finale will be an all-girl affair following the elimination of Chris Badenoch from the TEN cooking contest.

41yo Melbourne resident Badenoch was considered a front-runner for the title, but was cut from the show after a lengthy cook-off with their own inventive dishes.

Joining the judges was cookbook queen Donna Hay.

It was a contentious decision given that he was defeated by the ever-popular Julie who did not complete all her dishes.

But beer merchant Badenoch has been a divisive contestant, with many fans of the show having difficulty with his abrupt style and attire. He has also been the subject of press articles, including as late as today, on his romantic life. The perils of reality television.

Matt Preston said to Badenoch: “You have been the competition’s most consistent performer but today let youself down. The execution of these three dishes let you down. Tragically that’s enough to send you home. We know we’ll be drinking your beer and eating your food in your beer bar in 6 months time. And there will be a beer book. No doubt. Thanks for the pigs head, for the hat, for the dry Melbourne humour. We’ll see you around.”

George Calombaris said: I’ve never said this to a man before but I love you!”

Gary Mehigan said: “You’ve impressed me and George many many times.”

Badenoch said: “I’m tired, I’m strung out and the pressure is ridiculous. To get to this point and not make the final two is devastating. It means everything to me.

“It’s hugely disappointing.” Chris said. “But Top 3 is an achievement and you will be eating in my establishment sooner rather than later. This experience has turned my life on its head and I won’t forget this. My future is bright, full of beer, and full of food, and I can’t wait.”

mca38yo Julie Goodwin from the NSW Central Coast will face off against 35yo Poh Ling Yeow from Adelaide for the inaugural title on Sunday night.

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  1. I am watching this show here in NZ at the moment. I can’t believe the favourtism that is shown. Absolutely blatant. Fancy bring people back that have been voted out. If they were going to bring any one back it should of been Brent. People here have kept going on about Chris, being dirty etc. The fact that Chris has a particular look, does not make him dirty. Julie’s sweating into food made me feel ill. She can’t dam well cook. Her carry on is rediculous. She could never run a commercial kitchen. As for a cookbook, gawd forbid, I wouldn’t want to buy it. The lady is a very average home cook, not a Masterchef. Thats crazy.
    The two people who should of been finalist were Chris and Justine period.
    LOL marketable even that leaves me cold. She really is pathetic.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly that the show has been rigged from the start .The judges have always had a soft spot for plain old dowdy home-mum julie .The real masterchefs were Chris and Justine who could certainly serve up a meal at any top restaurant .Julie was definately a wreck with every meal she cooked and really cracked under pressure -she should not have won !!!

  3. First of all, I am not surprised Julie won, not at all. The game is obviously rigged. The thing I am surprised about is that people keep shouting “Julie won fair and square!! Get over it, she’s the best chef!!”. These people, I am sorry to say, are either blind or stupid. Julie is a great cook, i’ll give her that, but she should not be the “Masterchef”. How can a home cook, who nearly has a heart attack caused by terror every time she is cooking something, be a master chef? All through the competition she has been disorganized and too emotional. Every time she fails at cooking a dish properly she whips out her story about her children and her passion, cries, and is then let through. But when someone else spoils their dish in any way, the judges say “It’s too far in the competition to be making mistakes” and they are eliminated.

    Another thing bugging me; people keep saying that Chris was too arrogant. Ummm….maybe he was arrogant because he can actually cook professionally?
    Chris was obviously not happy that Julie won and I don’t blame him. Why should Julie, who has been in the bottom two most of the competition and barely pushes through each week win? If someone has been near the bottom end of the competitors most of time, I think it is safe to say that they aren’t cut out to be a chef. Chris, Andre and Justine were the only people who should’ve won in my opinion, but they were knocked out because of one or two bad dishes and were beaten by Julie who has mucked up a lot more than a few dishes. You say it was a fair game? Forgive me while I laugh.

    Oh and before someone replies saying “Your just a Julie hater, get over it”, please register that I put some thought into my debate. If someone retaliates with an uneducated answer, I will not even consider it a worthwhile opinion.

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