MasterChef tops 2.1m

Time may be running out for MasterChef, but it just took its biggest audience of the year so far, at a powerful 2.1m viewers.

clockMasterChef Australia nabbed its biggest audience so far this year, topping 2.11m viewers for Monday night.

Whilst it blitzed the commercial competition, the public broadcasters fared a lot better. Top Gear managed a terrific 742,000 viewers, defeating How I Met Your Mother‘s finale at 707,000.

TEN won its second night of the week despite seeing a big drop-off in its audience after Lucas Parsons was eliminated from the kitchen.

Meanwhile THIS afternoon is struggling on just 233,000 viewers -even its former 4:30pm news used to track better.

Nine News Sydney with Peter Overton (294,000) was also a long way behind Seven News with Ian Ross (562,000). Nationally the latter boomed with 1.81m viewers. Nine narrowed the gap better in Melbourne.

Thankfully Sea Patrol was strong for Nine with 1.35m viewers.

Week 29

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  1. lol i doubt ten would care about the uproar! simply put if a show wouldnt rate and you couldnt get advertisers in, i would axe it aswell. they wouldnt be a smart company if they didnt

  2. @Nick:

    If they kept it in a 9:30/40 or 10:00 timeslot but on a different day I don’t think there’ll be a lot of uproar.. But if they put it at like 10:30 like I suggested then there might I guess. 😛

  3. Wow! Great to see MCA finally getting 2 mil at least! MCA is great! I would be quite surprised if the finale on Sunday doesn’t get at least 2 mil. Hope MCA does get 2 mil for the big finale.

  4. oh god george can u imagine the uproar if Ten moved Supernatural. They’ve been very good to leave it there, despite its poor performance. If Nine and Seven were doing better than Ten than they’d probably be worried. Might be the case when MC is over

  5. TEN should definitely be very happy with MasterChef’s numbers, and even though the rest of the night dropped off a fair bit Recruits still did good business and the Debate was a oneoff thankfully.
    Supernatural.. That show needs to be moved. 😛 I reckon swap TEN Late News with Supernatural for a night and see what happens.

  6. who would have thought that a show om cooking could rate so well

    nine must be dissaponted with THISafternoon i watched it for about 10 minutes the other day but turned off because andrew daddo is unwatchable

  7. Do you really think Sea Patrol was strong? Not sure how many advertisers were after the 766,000 (56%) of viewers aged over 50?

    David, you should make your TV Tonight Poll “How many viewers will Masterchef Finale/Winner Announced do?”

  8. wow, ten is going to have a good week. Hopefully the “poor” number for himym isn’t going to affect it coming back next season. I watched master chef and recorder himym, to be watched at the weekend 🙂

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