MasterChef wraps

chefIn a move reminiscent of early Surivor seasons, MasterChef Australia shot its finale last Thursday.

Now the trick is to keep the outcome secret.

“It is a concern,” Paul Franklin, head of factual entertainment at FremantleMedia says.

“But there’s a lot of goodwill about the show and hopefully that will extend to anyone who does know keeping schtum about it. It’s a very exciting finale. All the contestants come back and we had a special guest turn up, and family and friends. There were a lot of tears. Good tears. In front of and behind the camera.”

The finale screens on Sunday July 19th. That’s a long way off for a show so hot. In the US Survivor took a similar approach for its early seasons, but later moved to a live show for the all-important announcement of the winner.

The Biggest Loser,
also by FremantleMedia, also filmed its finale ahead of screening, but the window was much tighter.

Franklin attributes the success of the show to good food and good casting.

“For a commercial audience we needed to pump it up and make it bigger, a little over the top, with more drama and storytelling and a sense of theatre,” he says.

“But although we have obviously tricked it up into an entertainment format, the basic essence of it is the same: people chasing their dreams.”

Source: The Australian


  1. Jawad Saeed

    Dear Sir/Ma’am

    It is highly controversial decision for me as when Julie clearly detected Onion instead of shallots and judges tried to correct her, for me it was clear that judges made their mind who will win. She clearly lost it their, and when Poh tried to correct her decision she was not allowed to.

    Not only that, Julie’s ways of creating drama was impossible for me to watch. She was called eliminator by other contestant because she was in the habit of making Puppy face and if that didn’t worked, making her eyes wet and face as if she is in a lot of agony. C’mon I m not saying she didn’t make good dishes but the drama was too much for me, always making puppy face and teary eyes when couple of time it was clear she is trying her best to make her self look miserable in front of the judges.


    Jawad Saeed(Jack)

  2. Love the show!! Personally Im going for Julie, I think she represents the average mum of today, we love our kids and family and want basic foods that we can relate too, if Julie wins Id buy her book!

  3. How come some of the eliminated contestants came back? This might be illegal and subject to a challenge. The terms of the competition are not fair and the losing parties might take this on.

  4. i hope Pho will win shes my favourite!!
    I love Asian food even though im Eropean!!
    Pho was sooooooo lucky to stay in the cometition tonight!!

    Whats the prize if some wins?


    Before masterchef started i was thinking “who on earth would want to wach this” and now its like the best show on channel ten.

  5. @ Craig H: the finale on July 19 will be 90 minutes (but could run longer), as Ten has scheduled a sneak peek episode of Glee at 9pm. @ Jed: a professional chef (I forgot his name) is involved in judging in the final week of competition, as will food writer Donna Hay, according to TV Week magazine.

  6. I hope they bring in several professional chefs to judge the finale rather than the current judges. It looks like they’ve laready settled no Chris as the winner, so it wouldn’t be fair if they decided. And good lord i hope the special guest is not Ramsay.

  7. I love the show and am happy that it has been a total success for TEN. People doubted that Australians would watch a show about cooking.. they were wrong. Im pretty sure the secret will get out, someone on the TEN forums told me who the actual Top 4 were, so I doubt the winner will be kept a secret.

  8. 10 have done well – it’s the first reality show of their’s I’ve ever watched more than one episode of. In fact, I’ve watched them all. Top job all round!

  9. Considering the Hong Kong challenges were filmed in the last week of May according to the Herald Sun (and shown two weeks ago), and production only wrapped up last week, the contestants and crew must have some time off in early June.

  10. If they’re trying to keep it a secret, why did the judges turn up to the Sydney Food & Wine show this weekend with Justine? Unless it’s a bluff.

    • Probably just an availability thing. I spoke to a TEN publicist today and even they didn’t know, that’s how hush hush they are keeping it. So I don’t see them sailing around in public.

  11. The winner?

    1. Network Ten.
    2. The judges and their restaurants.
    3. The veiwers.. actually getting entertained by a “reality” show for a change.
    4. The advertisers.
    5. Contestants who don’t actually win the final prize…..

    The biggest loser?….

    The contestant who “wins’ sadly… no amout of training in a “masterclass” can prepare you for work in the industry as chef with out real training….

    i speak from experience… i’m a chef 😉

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