NCIS: LA for 2010 on TEN

ncislaTEN programmer David Mott recently told TV Tonight about some of the network’s US acquisitions.

Despite admitting that every year most networks like to trumpet their bags as a ‘best ever’, this year he believes he has come back with some hot shows. About a decade ago, he confides, he came back with practically nothing of worth.

One of the most anticipated new series is the NCIS sequel, NCIS: LA.

“That’s a no brainer for us,” he said. “Straight away that will solve a timeslot for us next year.”

Next year? Not this year?

“No, I’m holding it,” said Mott.

He also talked up The Good Wife, a legal series starring Julianna Marglies.

“It’s brilliantly done. We have the two best one hour dramas in our view. It has political scandal and sexual scandal. I haven’t decided where that’s going.”

Then there is Modern Family: “It’s multicamera, about an eclectic group of people in a suburb. It’s through the eyes of a German camera crew who don’t feature in it. It’s about a group of individuals and how they intertwine with each other. It is a drop-dead riot. You have to see it to believe it.”

TEN also has The Cleveland Show, a spin-off from Family Guy, and the new-look Melrose Place.


  1. Bad move ten.

    Everyone will jump to the internet while you’re “holding it”.

    They just never learn, the world is a different place and how we get our entertainment has changed, it’s time the TV networks change with it.

  2. I think it’s a good idea to hold it until next year. Seven and Nine always make viewers wait for many shows so I don’t see why TEN shouldn’t. Plus it’s not like NCIS:LA is a serial where important plotlines will long be developed months before we see it in Australia (I’m looking at you, Desperate Housewives!).

  3. Good move by Ten to nab The Cleveland Show. I just wish they had Family Guy and American Dad so they could have a weekly Fox animation block in prime time. That would be so sweet.

  4. I’m with you Gauno – NCIS LA nearly killed me it was so boring.

    Not a patch on the original sorry. The cast were totally wooden and I didn’t care about them one bit.

  5. Do you know if Ten will air the other new CW drama “The Beautiful Life” starring Mischa Barton and Elle Macpherson? I remember reading that was part of an output deal.

  6. I don’t mind NCIS: LA and will watch it, whenever it’s shown. I like Chris O’Donnell and maybe his near-death experience will be used to give him a darker personality, in the Gibbs’ mould.

  7. Its good to see Ten holding this back till next February because when next February rolls around, we’ll be able to consistently view this at the same time each week and there wont be any haphazard inconsistency with NCIS repeats thrown in because we’re so close to the US.
    I was thinking this would perhaps air at 9.30 Tuesdays considering that this is only the first season but based on Mott’s comment that ”straight away that will solve a timeslot for us next year” I think this will be scheduled at 8.30 Wednesdays with House following at 9.30.

  8. I reckon it looks like a poor season for upcoming US shows, the only show on all the networks that looks remotely interesting is Flash Forward. Also probably a poor move to hold NCIS: LA over til next year, they should have fast-tracked it following NCIS at 9.30pm and moved Lie to Me to Wed or Thurs. Melrose Place could work on Friday nights following 90210 but something tells me Ten are reluctant to bring it back.

  9. I thought the NCIS:LA episodes were horrible. None of the new cast had an ounce of the quirky charisma of the regular cast. Unless there’s a complete change of tone, I won’t be tuning in to that one.

  10. So NCIS: Los Angeles is going to be on next year, does that mean they will be holding NCIS: Gibbs off for the same time as well, seeing they both start back on Tuesday September 22nd (8pm: NCIS. 9pm NCIS:LA) in the USA, or are we going to end up like we did with Buffy and Angel when there were cross-overs and be completely out of sync (especially considering Gibbs did mention that Agent Callen was doing okay after being shot up, they are bound to mention each other).

  11. NCIS LA was introduced in a couple episodes earlier this year and were the highest rating NCIS episodes ever on TEN. Probably worth holding it until next year!

    The Good Wife sounds boring but is actually brilliantly done and should suck viewers in.

    Modern Family is too funny!

  12. That’s ok Mr Mott, you just hold on to it until it’s so old that non one wants to watch it or everyone has seen it on cable or torrent.

    Way to go…

  13. Sorry David but I’m not waiting until 2010 if the LA NCIS is any good, you’ve lost this viewer!

    The Good Wife – I’ve seen the promo on YouTube and it looks like it could be a hit.

    The Cleveland Show – is like Family Guy, except worse.

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