New Doctor Who begins filming

Oh Doctor Who, is that a bow tie you're wearing? First look at Matt Smith as he steps before the cameras.

Matt SmithDoctor Who‘s next TimeLord, actor Matt Smith, stepped before the cameras in Cardiff this week, marking a turning point in the series as its Eleventh Doctor.

As the youngest-ever actor in the role he is joined by the equally youthful Karen Gillan as his a new companion, Amy Pond.

In this photo the two are seen relaxing, with Smith donning a bow tie and shoes, instead of the coat and sneakers of David Tennant.

Upon arriving on set for his first day of filming, Smith said: “I feel very privileged and proud to be part of this iconic show. The scripts are brilliant and working alongside Karen, Steven (Moffat, writer) and the rest of the crew is an inspiration because their work ethic and passion for the show is so admirable.

“I’m excited about the future and all the brilliant adventures I get to go on as the Doctor.”

The new 13-part series is still some time off, set to screen in the UK in Spring 2010, and later screen in Australia on the ABC.

ABC2 will also be repeating Tennant’s third season from Monday August 24 at 9.30pm, followed by Doctor Who: Confidential Cutdown.

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  1. River Song also said to DT’s Doctor that she had never seen him look this young, so they will have to get back to that story somehow, especially if she is going to interact with this even younger version of the Doctor.

  2. Since they announced Matt Smith in the role and that they really liked the way he portrayed the Doctor in his auditions, I’ve wondered if he’s going to play him “old” despite looking younger – which fits in quite nicely with the college professor duds in the photo.

  3. Would have liked an elder Dr this time around.A Jon Pertwee type.
    Someone a little more distinguished.
    Will be hard to replace the wonderfully charismatic Mr Tennant,dare i say (apart from Christopher Eccleston’s brief outing) the best Dr since Tom Baker (for me).
    And Billie Piper was excellent as Rose,a great pairing with both of the last 2 docs.

  4. @ Marco: Aah! I stand corrected. I should’ve consulted with my ex who is a huge Who fan.
    (Btw how crap was the BBC telemovie from a few years ago!)
    Ask me anything about Transformers and I’ll know it backwards. 🙂

  5. @Mac, not so. Colin Baker looked far older than Peter Davison, McCoy looked older than Colin Baker, Job Pertwee looked older than Patrick Troughton.

    Matt Smith could regenerate into a very old man. Anything is possible in Doctor Who. There’s never been anything said in the series that Time Lords ‘regenerate younger’ every time.

  6. Not only do I have faith in the fact that they haven’t slipped up with casting the new Doctors yet, I also smile with delight every time I remember who’s in change of the new series – Steven Moffat.

    It’s going to be brilliant (and, with RTD gone, probably a lot less apocalyptic 🙂

  7. When Ecclestone left I thought there was no replacing him. But Tennant quickly became the best Doctor ever. So I have every confidence in the casting of this new bloke.

    Craig : That’s actually intentional. The character does regenerate younger every time. I believe Timelords are said to be able to regenerate a maximum of 12 times (though I’m sure another reader with more nerdishly sharpenned teeth will be able to confirm that).

  8. Fantastic series that rarely disappoints – let’s hope this doctor lasts at least 3 seasons. Great that it’s on the ABC too because they stick it in primetime and it works!

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