Nine options First & Last format

Nine options a US factual following a people doing something for the first time or something for the last time.

Start finish lineChannel Nine has optioned the format rights to a US factual show titled, First And Last.

The series follows a person doing something for the first time -such as a doctor performing her first surgery – and someone doing something for the last time – such as a sports coach working with a team during a final season.

Producers the Gurin Company declare, “While many of today’s reality shows place people in foreign or exotic situations hoping to inspire outrageous reactions, First And Last will capture real people experiencing some of the most memorable and powerful, first and last moments of their lives.”

The show has also been picked up in New Zealand, Greece, Belgium and the Netherlands.

“The fact that First And Last is resonating in so many different countries and for such a variety of cultures underscores the value of creating world-centric content,” Gurin said. “The appeal for First And Last lies in the authenticity of the characters and storytelling that can translate into any culture or territory.”

Gurin also developed The Singing Bee.

Maybe they could see if Farnsy’s tour would qualify as the last time?

Source: C21, Gurin

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