Nine set to Dance Your Ass Off

dance-your-ass-off_lGet ready for Dancing with the Stars meets The Biggest Loser. Nine has picked up the rights to the US series memorably titled Dance Your Ass Off which has just premiered on the Oxygen Network.

Oxygen is a female skewed cable network, which once picked up the US rebroadcasting of Neighbours.

The show, hosted by Hairspray actress Marissa Winokur, features twelve finalists amassing to 1361 kilos with one goal: “to go from an eating machine to a dancing machine.”

Each contestant is paired with a professional dance partner who will train for weekly stage performances ranging from Hip Hop, to Ballroom and even Pole Dancing.

Judges will score routines as contestants weigh in to reveal their weekly weight loss. The dance score and the weight loss are combined for an overall eliminationscore.

“They are having the time of their life and they are shedding weight,” said producer Sally Ann Salsano.

“We are delighted to bring Australian viewers this fun new series for the whole family to enjoy,” said Nine’s Head of Acquisitions, Les Sampson.

Earlier this year Nine announced Superstars of Dance, but so far it is yet to arrive.

Dance Your Ass Off is promised to premiere in ‘coming weeks.’


  1. You know what, I heard that this show was axed after just one episode. Channel 9 haven’t you learnt yet? I’ve watched my first episode on GO, purely accidentally, but was drawn @ first by the humerous appeal, which soon took over by humility. Let it run & you will get your audience! These people are in it to lose weight & are there because they want to. It gives the same emotional pull as The biggest loser & Master Chef (american style of course)

  2. I hope it’s not on in the 6:30/7:00 timeslot people are trying to eat their dinner then… They’d better not cut 2 and a 1/2 men for this rubbish

  3. Wow, I can’t wait to see this!!!!

    Look at all the celebrities on dancing with the stars, they look like they haven’t eaten in months – eeck.

    Much rather watch some larger people having fun and dancing their asses off.

    Great entertainment all round really.

  4. I totally agree with you, Ahoy depravity! I cant believe the new lows that our ‘free tv’ stoops to. I dont like the idea of paying for cable tv, but seeing as there is no longer anything decent on channel 7, 9 or 10 during prime time, it sure does make it tempting. Unfortunately there are enough people in Australia with no life and a bizzaar curiosity for other peoples weirdnesses on reality tv which seems to make them feel more ‘normal’, that it does indeed get ratings.

    And Evan, I am ashamed to be Australian when we allow advertising of the word Ass when in the states you guys would never advertise it so blatently. Why on Earth would I even allow my kids to watch TV when ads like this come on!!

  5. Ahoy, depravity.

    Never for a second think that this program intends to help people lose weight. It is here to earn money. Unfortunately, many people will watch it because they enjoy watching fat people jiggle. (Congratulations, you guys, on being a benefit to the human race, by the way) It makes me die a little bit, every time I see a new television show made to exploit people. Look at them all. I’m surprised I’m still alive.

  6. yet another low brow, brain dead offering using what is frankly one of the most crass titles I’ve seen.
    Setting a fine standard 9. Not.

  7. Awesome. This show is going to be kick ass. Just the ad had me salivating for more. Don’t you people get it. Finally fat and dancing. Bring it on both ends for mine. Mmmm wobbly.

  8. You cannot honestly think that the network has any motive of actually helping these people? Its a straight grab for the ‘laugh at the fat loser’s wibbly wobbly bits”. No wonder I got cable!

  9. This is just ridiculous
    i saw an ad for it, and at first, i assumed it was a parody of biggest loser/dancing with the stars on some new sketch comedy show on channel nine.

    but it’s real?
    and i am just speechless.

    tv is just so much s**t nowadays.

  10. The reality is, society is agreeing to this kind of so called ‘real life’ TV and the stations need to keep the ratings coming in; so they give it a go. The viewing public determines what is going to be aired on our TV stations by flipping on and off what they agree to watching and don’t agree to. A network won’t air what we won’t watch, so it’s up to us. If as a soiety we agree to real life/competition type programming, we might as well use it to improve society’s thinking rather than using it to increase riducule and judgment. We have pleany of that on tap already! I’d like to see that behind the scenes these people are getting some personal/self-esteem/personal awareness coaching in conjuction with their physical coaching. To ride the television roller coaster for that 15 minutes of fame and then be left to deal with the percieved failure of being kicked off the show can be quite devistating to many of the people who might audition for such a show. With that in place, I think the up side of this kind of program is that it could help open a few people’s eyes to the fact that there are all shapes and sizes in this world and we can see beauty and talent past a few kg. Every ‘body’ need not be a size 10 to be amazingly gifted. I hope some of that kind of content also appears in the show. We’ll see!

  11. I.AM.WHAT.I.AM.

    If this show is ever filmed in Australia, I want to apply, looks like fun and a great way to lose weight, confidence and incentives with fun people, sounds awesome!!

  12. “Dance Your Ass Off”???
    I say “Laugh Your Ass Off”!!!
    C’mon everyone it’s television we’re talking about… loosen up and just enjoy what commercial networks are spewing up. So it might be a dog? Who cares?
    Give it a go (let’s face it you’re not paying for it) and you might actually enjoy it.
    “Go fatties Go” I say… and have the time of your life doing it – I will be applauding you all they way!!!

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