Nine to miss revenue target

nine network 09It would seem that not enough media buyers have opted to choose Nine so far this year.

The network has admitted for the first time it will not meet its bold prediction last year to grab nearly $100 million in revenue off its TV rivals to claim 35 per cent of the $2.8 billion metropolitan TV advertising market.

Nine’s revenue share for the six months to June would come in at around 32.5 to 33 per cent across the five capital cities. It is likely to be $70 million shy of its target.

“The fact is we are on our way to a 35 [per cent] share – it’s just a matter of when,” Nine’s network sales boss, Peter Wiltshire, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

But Mr Wiltshire also said the 35 per cent market share prediction was based on PBL-owned TV stations in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, but not the Perth or Adelaide markets.

“The east coast performance is a little different to Adelaide and Perth. The three east coast stations are 0.8 to 1 share points higher than the five capital cities,” he said, inferring that Nine only had to claim a 34 per cent market share across the five metro markets to reach its 35 share point target.

Seven is tipped for a share of 38.7 per cent for the six months to June, a slight decline from the 39.1 per cent it posted for the June half in 2008.

Metro TV advertising is expected to slump by 13 to 15 per cent overall.

This week Nine revealed plans for its second digital channel, GO!

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


  1. Fremantle have said they approached Nine first with Mastershef and that Nine knocked them back. If it’s true, it’s hard to say if it happened on Gyngell’s watch, or before he came in. Ten themselves announced a loss last month and it’s majority Canadian owner (who should’ve sold the network off a couple years ago), very badly need to sell Ten off, but they won’t obtain a very good price for it in the current market.

  2. @ jakevin

    dont worry buddy…. 7 will be having some tuff times soon..
    and as i predicted this year…10 will be doing very well.
    and as for nine…well i wouldnt worry…. they will be back on top mid next year…

    so all i can say to u jakevin is enjoy what is going on at the moment cos its going to change within the next 12 months

  3. It appears to me that Nine has become the real “bad egg” of the networks. As TEN gets more successful, it appears Nine’s circumstances worsen. It makes sense really, because if coming from anywhere, I doubt more viewers would be switching from Seven to TEN, than Nine to TEN.

    Good to see.

  4. So no more high brow shows like Hole in the Wall and Wipeout?

    Oh well… Better to make more news-magazine style shows as afternoon fillers… Wait. 😉

  5. well duuuuuuuuuuuh when u keep taking off the shows that 16-39 year olds prefer and leave on stuff for the oldies of course you’re not gonna get any advertising money…(advertisers only like 16-39 year olds)

  6. Love how Nine always likes to exclude the Perth & Adelaide stations.
    If they were #1 in their respective markets not #2, Nine would jump to include them!

    Any why do they exclude NBN? It is their highest rating station!

  7. Aww, Nine. Diddums.

    Arrogance and blinkered stubbornness usually doesn’t work that well. And now the viewers are speaking.

    Careful Seven, you might be next.

  8. No surprise here. Perhaps now that their poor programming decisions are starting to hurt them financially, they’ll start fixing their programming problems. GO is a good start, but they need a complete overhaul. Expect 10’s share of advertising to increase, given the success of Masterchef and the fact there wil be another series next year.

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