Official: All Saints to end 11 year run

It's official. Seven finally confirms that All Saints will not return in 2010, to end with episode #493 at the end of the year.

allsIt’s official. All Saints will end its long run on the Seven Network at the end of the year.

Seven has confirmed the end of the show after a stellar 11 year run as the country’s top medical drama, to wrap at episode #493.

Speculation has surrounded the status of the show for some time, triggered by a trimming of episodes to around half its annual slate and word that it had not yet been renewed for 2010.

Seven Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner said: “All Saints is a show which viewers and Seven have loved. However, an audience shift and increased production costs are behind this decision.

“The cast and crew deserve the highest admiration and respect for what they have achieved. All Saints has made a significant contribution to the rich history of Australian drama.”

When production ends in late August, cast and crew will wrap one of Australia’s longest running drama series, capping 12 seasons and nine Logie Awards. It is just topped by the 13 seasons of Blue Heelers. Serials Neighbours and Home and Away are now both in their third decades.

This year the show underwent a revamp with its Medical Response Unit, the second major overhaul in its long history. When it first aired in 1998 with Georgie Parker as Nurse Terri Sullivan, it featured the ‘garbage ward’ of the All Saints Western General Hospital. In 2004 it shifted the focus from Ward 17 to the emergency department.

Actress Judith McGrath remains the sole original cast member still working on the show, a terrific run in Aussie drama.

With filming well in advance of on-air episodes, the series will remain on screen until the end of the year.

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  1. I loved All saints. I am not Australian but couldn’t wait for tuesday night to watch my latest episode and just realise that tonight is my last one ever! Surely there is a way for 7 to continue running this. We don’t want to watch reality tv non-stop. real life drama was at its fullest in All saints. Go back to the drawing board I say….. Bart’s wedding, Gabby’s baby, Adam’s romance……plenty of story line there and of course Von could come back.

  2. Would a Sunday or Thursday Night Timeslot have saved the show from the axe.That is one thing we will never know.
    They have Greys,Private Practice and Mercy Now over at Seven but the worse thing about all of those is that they are American Imports at the expense of Australian Drama and Jobs Which is not a good thing.

  3. Without exception, All Saints in my opinion is the best Australian Television viewing. It is of a very high standard of pops and talent. I think it is a sad day to lose such a wonderful show, and I wish all the talent every success in the future. You should all be Congratulated, from the Writers, Producers, Directors and behind the scene team, to the Actors themselves. If I could be seen by you all, I would give you a ‘standing applause’ in gratitude of a job well done. Bill Scurry.

  4. i am broken hearted about all saints ending, i have Noidea what i am going to do on tuesday night now. i wish the show would stay on, and just cut back their spending a bit. Also, get rid of Home and Away…. thats run its course… All Saints is my tuesday night relax night, i need this show to keep me sane!!

  5. Im so disappointed that All Saints will be over,just like Blue Heelers,the ending of these great Australian dramas is an end of an era for television.I loved sitting back of a night and tuning into my favourite dramas watching my favourite actors and being drawn into the storyline and being caught up in the suspense and intrigue and learning a thing or two about medical conditions and the latest love affair between medical staff.Some of Australia’s finest dramatic actors have worked on All Saints, one of which mostly comes to mind is long serving actress that plays “Von”, i will be lost not seeing her face on my screen every tuesday night,the dry witted humour and class that she has brought to the show will be forever remembered and i hope she finds a spot on another drama with the same characteristics.Im suprised that the producers have decided to end the show as it doesnt have to,just cut back on the lavish spending on unnecessary helicopters and stick to the basics after all thats what got the ratings in the beginning.I only hope a miracle occurs and they suddenly decide to keep on filming and just cutback a little on the extravagant settings,if not i dunno what im gonna do on Tuesday nights….

  6. Like the Young Doctor’s, A Country Practice, G.P of which I have watched almost every episode as with All Saints, I have missed some shows only If absolutely neccessary. I have enjoyed these shows more than any crappy shows, Due to my hearing disability I do not watch Comedy, as I cannot understand a word they babble on about. Shame on you Seven, there are too many yanky shows, we want Australian made shows, I will especially miss Judith Mcrath. Please let it go on to the 500th episode. Now I will have no favourite time on Tuesday night which is always my time.

  7. i have been watchin All Saints since the day it first aired and have only ever missed about 5 episodes in the last 11 years. I will truly miss this show, it’s characters and storys it is the only tv program i have to sit and watch every week. When All Saints is gone i won’t even have my 1 hr of must have tv time each week. very very upset.

  8. It is a very sad day when a aussie drama gets the axe especially all saints it has had a long and successful 11years and close to 500 episodes i think it could have survived because it had a successful show before it pttr as the 8:30 slot but as we saw when it was at 8:30 ratings were very low compared to rafters at the slot and the new mru which should of gave it a ratings boost but fell below expectations but the cast and crew are the ones that have to take the biggest bite with no jobs to go to good luck and hope 7 gets a new successful aussie drama up in 2010 as they ‘re luck with shows are worth while. r.i.p all saints.

  9. I have to say even though I dont think that the Seven Network actually had a specific reason to axe the show- the time had come. Its a drama that really isn’t going anywhere and hasn’t been of late. If you had asked me about this show back in the days of Terri and Bron and Ben I would have told you how great it was but now its just well past its sell by date and as much as I hate to say it another aussie drama bites the dust…

    To be honest though this show is no better than Mcleod’s daughters and yet Mcleod’s only got 8 seasons so the fact this got 11 is quite impressive. Blue Heelers did well with 13 years.

    Now there is a new generation of Australian drama- Packed to the rafters, Underbelly, City Homicide and Satisfaction ect ect…

  10. Devasted, on tranquillers.

    Might as well through the Plasma 120cm out of the window… nothing else as good…nothing else as well written, well acted and well filmed…….why doesn’t’ Channel 7 axe all the helicopters and remote locations, and just go back to the good old ED and save money and retain their tv fans!!

    Besides myself.

  11. Well, I have to admit, All Saints does make great afternoon viewing on re-runs… Not so sure I care about it going from prime-time, even though it was/possibly still is, a good Aussie drama… I guess like all things it’s run has come to an end.

  12. David you should know that ACP ended on 7 in ’93 & 10 in ’94.
    All Saints has been an amazing show with an amazing cast for almost all its run,however the change in direction this year was a big mistake & it is a good time for it to finish.Sure hope Andrew Supanz gets a new gig soon….but not H&A or Neighbous please.

  13. people on media spy have been saying that this has been known about for ages we thought they were just stirring, but now it looks like there was some truth. so i’d say there has been more than enough time to set up a proper ending.

  14. @Carta

    I think the producers/writers would have known about this decision long ago and thus prepared a finale episode. That we are only hearing about it now is just because it’s been made official and the release of info has been timed that way by 7 PR dept.

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