ONE in Tassie: close but not yet

oneid11Negotiations between Tasmanian network TDT and Network TEN for the delivery of ONE HD have caused a delay in launching the channel on July 2nd, in line with Southern Cross.

But the network remains committed to ONE and is hoping to make an announcement shortly.

“We’re expecting to put out a Press Release tomorrow to announce what’s going on,” General Manager Stephen Giles told TV Tonight.

“Certainly we are going ahead with ONE and what I want to make sure is we give an accurate time,” he said.

“TDT is still committed to providing ONE HD. At this stage we are finalising negotiations and we hope to be putting out a Press Release in the next day or so.”

Last month, Southern Cross COO Greg Dodgson told TV Tonight that ONE would launch in Tasmania on July 2nd, but unforseen circumstances have since caused a delay.

There are no immediate plans for an SD broadcast of ONE.


  1. hmm.. everyone’s opinion of SCTV and TDT management grows daily worse while we all wait for a rough estimate of when we might get a rough estimate of when we might roughly expect to actually see transmission..

  2. hey,
    im from tassie and im 14 years old and i would like to know when ONE HD is coming because i just bought a HD set top box so could you please get back to me.

  3. surprise surprise….
    another broken promise by the networks. I knew it was too good to be true, Tassie might eventually get One HD by July 3rd in the year 2015 !!!
    Stephen Giles, if you cant deliver what you promise you shouldnt be in the job. Maybe the network needs someone in that position that can deliver on its commitments. You cant even get a press release out to the public. What hope have we got of ever getting this channel? “Unforeseen circumstances”, such a easy response. Sounds like BS to me!

    • It was actually SC 10 boss Greg Dodgson who had told me July 2nd for Tassie, not Stephen Giles. Ditto the reason for the delay. TDT’s Stephen Giles said he hoped to have a Press Release out during the week but obviously that didn’t yet happen. Not defending anyone here, just clarifying the issue…

  4. Perhaps Mr Giles’ most eloquent statement so far was having SCTV screen the Melbourne vs WCE game this afternoon in HD with the ONE LIVE logo prominent in the top right corner.

  5. I’m ex pat Hobart boy living in Melbourne disgusted that Tassie just cannot get its act together with services…

    I really do want to move back but there are just so many things Hobart is still missing. It is after all a capital city yet foxtel is branded under austar. Adsl2+ is hardly available and even if it is it runs at a 10th of the speed as my connection in melbz at 20Mbps.
    Why cant the channels just be 7, 10 and 9 here?? I’m hella confused throw out the rubbish channels of TDT, Southern Cross and Win.
    Bring on ONEHD trust me you guys that don’t think you will like it will like it. More sport will move to One and free up your other channels.
    And god I’m glad I’ll be back in Melbz this week to watch the live F1 Qualifiers and live F1 Race. 😛

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