Poh offered work with Luke Mangan

poh1Poh Ling Yeow may not have won MasterChef Australia, but she is already racking up its rewards.

As she told TV Tonight today, she’s just been given a major offer.

“I got another offer today from Luke Mangan to go to Tokyo and San Francisco to work in his restaurants. My head’s spinning!” she said.

Ling Yeow says at this stage the offer is very open-ended.

“To work it either or both, he said we can figure it out. His restaurants are absolutely stunning.”

It comes on the back of an offer from Curtis Stone to learn alongside him in Los Angeles in the near future.

“We have to finalise dates to work around his very busy schedule,” she said.

She is hoping to be able to accept both offers, given that one is only short-term offer.

Ling Yeow says she is still coming to terms with the popularity of the show which last night soared to 3.74m viewers.

“Kids are my biggest fans. I get stopped at supermarkets more than anywhere. It’s crazy,” she said.

Meanwhile, she hadn’t heard that one newspaper accidentally ran with her as the winner of the show last night.

“That is hilarious. I don’t keep up with any of it. I’m too scared.

“How funny. They got that one wrong didn’t they?”

Crikey has since published an article suggesting TEN gave the newspaper two interviews on Friday with both finalists, in order to keep the name of the winner under wraps. It follows previous media interviews in which eliminated contestants said nothing about re-appearing in the show.


  1. God on Poh, she has a bit of genius or failure in her creativity, but when she pulls it off its usually brillant. Unfortunately, she didn’t follow the recipe and the sorbet and tempered chocolate didn’t turn out. But I have a feeling Andre, Justine and Poh could go onto to become quite good chefs, as they showed the most promise and technique. Julie deserved to win though, her food tasted better.

  2. @Skippy:

    Justine’s cake tasted really bad though the judges said, which was the reason she went home. Poh’s presentation was much better than Julie’s in the final challenge, but Julie’s tart tasted just as good as Poh’s and her tempered chocolate and sorbet were perfect.

    I wanted Poh to win, but in the end Julie went better and deserved the title. πŸ™‚ Still, Poh’s going to succeed so well now.

  3. big hearty congrats to Poh on the various post-masterchef offers by international recoognised chefs like luke mangan and curtis stone!

    does anyone wonder why julie’s chocolate tart, which was too thin and with a thick base, on the final night of the competition can get a near perfect score of 9/10 from all the judges???? how incredible!

    Indeed, viewers will remember that the thick base of the chocolate mousse cake prepared by Justine sent her home a couple of nights before by the judges!

  4. Congratulations, Poh! πŸ™‚ … Everything you achieved in the competition was based on merit, because of your obvious cooking abilities, and sublime talent for presentation, including this job offer from Luke Mangan, so you definitely deserve it! πŸ™‚ …

  5. And it was totally unfair that the judges tasted Julie’s sorbet at the last challenge, and told her it was grainy. Wonder if Poh would have won if Julie didn’t make another batch? I don’t recall them helping out Poh whilst the challenge was on?

  6. I don’t see why people are so upset over Julie winning. She now has obligations and stuff to take care of, plus her family. Poh, Justine and Chris can do whatever they want and 5 years from now will probably all be way more successful than Julie.

    Plus Poh had just an easy ride through the final week as Julie thanks to winning a single challenge that gave her a huge advantage over everyone else for the next couple. Chris is the only one who can really be angry after getting screwed over thanks to that laughable cookbook woman being involved in the competition at such a crucial stage.

  7. CookieMonster

    Poh should have won. The judges robbed Chris and Justine of their final spots. How can a puddle ‘pie’ and incomplete plating up win??? Favouritism over honesty and integrity. Shame, shame, shame people!!! I will eat at Poh’s restaurant and buy her book. Julie will not last in such an intense industry that requires guts, nerves and talent at the same time! Her business and popularity will suffer because of Ten Producers. Hang your noodle heads in shame!!

  8. Poh deserved to win but in the end, the opportunities are there. Just an indication of the quality of her character and cooking skills. I would definitely buy her cook book and eat in her restaurant one day.

  9. Tim says:
    July 20, 2009 at 4:29 pm
    Has celebrity Masterchef started already?

    Surely that’s Greg Fleet to the right of Poh in the above pic?

    No it is Josh & Sam

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