Repeats: Double Take, TV Burp

Ed-KavaleeSome readers who missed these have asked about catching them again, especially TV Burp.

Seven: Saturday July 25

10:50pm Double Take

11:20pmĀ  TV Burp

Meanwhile that Dancing with the Stars repeat is now 2:50pm Saturday.

That is all…


  1. franz chong

    This was great.
    These Shows make for a great introduction to the Night particularly for those of us who stick around for True Beauty at 9:30 pm and Family Guy at 10:30pm.

  2. That’s handy… honestly, I think 7 HD, 9’s GO and channel 10 (with their horrible “One” rubbish) should take a leaf out of ABC’s book, and repeat the shows which are popular later in the week, eg, one night later… Just an idea (but a good one!)

  3. I know a lot of Aussies won’t have seen Harry Hill but TV Burp was complete rip-off including the exact same mannerisms. The problem I had with the 1st show was that it felt like all of the clips from the 7 shows weren’t funny but someone had decided to promote as many 7 shows as possible and then come up with ways to make them look funny. Perhaps Harry Hill version is the same i dont know but it did seem a bit biased towards 7. Maybe I was tired but I didn’t laugh much.

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I missed both those shows (conflicts with other shows on ABC2 and Ten). Was going to watch them online, but will watch on tv tomorrow night instead.

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