Rescue: Special Ops closing in

rescuesoNine has stepped up the on air promos for its newest action drama, Rescue: Special Ops.

The 13-part series features Les Hill, Libby Tanner, Peter Phelps, Daniel Amalm (pictured), Gigi Edgley, Katherine Hicks and introduces Andrew Lees. The series is produced by Southern Star.

Given the show has invited media to a screening of the first episode this Thursday at TCN9, it could be upon us very, very soon.

That means while TEN’s Rush is about to launch, Nine will also unveil its energetic paramedics.

No wonder All Saints is worried…


  1. Wonder how much someone got paid to think up such an original name, or what boss insisted on the name.

    I might not see all the tv shows and movies elsewhere if Australian TV channels could think up something more clever than “rescue special ops” or “sea patrol”.. all s**tful drawl to watch.

  2. Macarthurblack

    Jed: “Could this be a Channel Nine show i’d actually watch? … Thursday would be the only day i’d watch it.”

    I agree totally. Normally wouldn’t be bothered with a show like this on 9 but the cast looks really good. Also, Thursday would be my best night for watching it too. Fingers crossed.

  3. When I first saw this ad my immediate thought was ‘Police Rescue’ meets ‘Rush’ – can ch 9 do anything even slightly original lately?

  4. Nine definitely need to make sure this show is a hit, so probably not wise to air it at the same time as Rafters or anything like that.

    Nine also seem to be cranking up the promos for Australia’s Perfect Couple. Does anyone know when that’ll start?

  5. No wonder “All Saints” is worried???
    At this point, “Rush” &” Rescue” can only aspire to the ratings that “All Saints” is achieving. It’s worth remembering how “Rush” fared against “All Saints” last year

  6. my tip is wednesday 8:30, or maybe Sunday.

    monday, tuesday and thursday would put it up against CH, rafters, and rush respectively which would be silly of 9. at the moment having a good rating show is more of a priority than taking down other networks.

  7. Could this be a Channel Nine show i’d actually watch? Any word on what day and time it will be shown. Thursday would be the only day i’d watch it.

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