Airdate: Rescue: Special Ops

rescue les hillUPDATED: Nine’s new drama Rescue: Special Ops will be coming to Sunday nights.

It will launch on Sunday August 2nd,  followed by the return of CSI: Miami (“Head Case” S7E12) then a repeat, and Psychic Detectives at 11:30pm.

The new drama would be up against Bones for about five weeks and shortly, the Australian Idol / Rove offerings on TEN.

It does effectively clear the path for Seven to return City Homicide to Monday nights, expected to follow in place of Desperate Housewives, and back to its original home where it fared best.

It would also mean Wednesdays and Fridays become the only night not to have a major Aussie drama series in prime time (excluding serials).

Of course the ABC will have comedy in the form of The Librarians on Wednesdays, while East of Everything and SBS’ East West 101 are returning.


  1. Yawn, son of “Police Rescue”, clone of “All Saints etc”. Hope TEN keeps up good Sunday night movies like this weekend. Surely with their Fox, Universal, Paramount etc. deals they have some good ones on hold and can look past the “PayTV, DVD rental” spin. 60 Mins has lost our household after paying that brainless Pommie “bushwalker” last week. didn’t watch it then, won’t this week either.

  2. I hope this is better than The Strip but I did like Canal Road, they really messed up with that one. I hope this is better, even Sea Patrol is getting too predictable with no major back story to tie the season together.

  3. Well at least networks are learning not to pit Aussie shows against each other, unless 7 doesn’t air CH on Mondays. I am impressed that there is so much commitment to Aussie Drama at the moment. It has to be better than the Strip! Better cast in my opinion. Still wish Canal Road had better treatment. I will watch the first ep, and see what happens!

  4. Interesting tidbit in one of the media publications last week was a mention that City Homicide would be replacing Bones in its timeslot. Not sure if it was a typo or if Seven are indeed looking to put it back there and not Mondays.

  5. Good to see CSI: Miami will be returning to Sunday 9:30. It is well suited to this timeslot. Hopefully they air the remaining episodes consecutively without any more breaks.

  6. @ Peter: perhaps it’s not a bad idea to show the final two episodes of the second season of CH in Sydney and Brisbane (and Canberra) while other cities have the finales of Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters.

  7. So whats gonna happen in syd/bris in a couple of weeks? Will there be a CH repeat for one week while the rest of the country catch up, or will they be one week ahead for the rest of the year?

  8. So why did they burn off all the Sea Patrol eps in double eps on Monday nights? That whole Sunday Night movie thing they were trumpeting sure didn’t last long. Will they now start “Mega Monday Movies”?

    As for this series, it will probably rate well for the premiere like The Strip, but whether it flops as bad as that show remains to be seen.

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