Returning: Domestic Blitz

Nine's feelgood makeover show is on the way back, set to organise its first ever wedding.

domesticblitzAs previously reported, Domestic Blitz is on the way back.

A new episode will screen at 6:30pm August 9th, in place of Random Acts of Kindness which has its last ep this weekend.

While the last episodes we saw struggled somewhat, last year it was a huge rater for Nine. It will no doubt benefit from the warm-up Random Acts as given the timeslot.

In this episode, 21 year old Loren Kendall has spent two years being treated for ovarian cancer. With her future uncertain, Loren’s one wish was to get married to her childhood sweetheart.

Domestic Blitz will renovate their house and garden and organises the first ever ‘Blitz Wedding.’

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  1. wow….there are some extremely heartless people out there. Firstly if you find cancer confronting change the bloody chanel, its a reality of life and you cant keep your children guarded forever….that could be you one day and atleast you’ve had the chance to have had children and part of a life. Secondly ‘Craig’….Do you really think that your comment: ” We’re building, can they do our yard or do we need some terminal disease in the family?” was completley inappropriate and most certinly not ‘funny’ in any way. Dont forget Loren has family (me being her cousin) so keep all inappropriate comments to yourself thanks!!!

    Love you always Loren xoxoxo

  2. please help my mum
    she had cancer but had a bonemarrow transplant while she was pregnant with me but her cousin has ms and no where to live so mum said she can live with us make this a good story for her and her cousin she needs some ramps and things for her so she saved my life and hers and now she is trying to save her cousin i want to do somethig for her for a change i will help you guys if you can help my mum for a change i love so much

  3. Hey I didn’t no how else to contact anyone from these shows I want to know how to nominate smeone for random acts of kindness im not sure if it still runs but I believe that I should try anyway well my name is ebony im 16 years old and three years ago my best friends mother got really sick she had a lot of strokes and now is paralised down the right side of her body ..deteriating every day its becoming hard to say how long she has.. when this first happened she got out a little from her home but since an accident with her hired wheel chair she has not left her bed she has now been bed bound for 3 years it is really sad to see someone u love go from fully functional to laying in a bed unable to tell what tomorrow will bring .. she only has her 2 children and husband now in her life since her friends seen her as so much of a trouble to them so she no longer sees them I would love to do something nice 2 help her have as much of a good life as possible but unfortually I do not have the funds 2 do so.. I have hoped and prayed that maybe someone like you guys could help because I don’t believe that anybody should eva have to go through things like this I just wish there were more people out there like u
    I hope I get a reply soon thank you , Ebony

  4. I am wondering how you can nominate a person to have domesstic blitz go into her home. She hasd lost her partner 18months to addiction, amazingly she studied diploma od alcohol four months later. Her son is in addiction, and now she has been dealt with the blow of blood cancer for the 3rd time, which she is currently going through 20 bouts of chemo again. This lady is the most generous and loving woman I have ever met. I would love to be able to give back to her for all that she has done for everyone else. She is a real inspiration and in real need to have help in and around her home please help or put me in the right direction. Thanks Lynda Cerni

  5. Firstly….this show is heart warming, absolutely beautiful.
    What a lovely couple on the 9th of august show, they could not be
    more deserving.
    Does anyone know the name of the song that Loren Kendall and her
    now husband said their vowels too??

  6. First show back has lost its human appeal. Not too sure what it is just yet, maybe it looked more like it was just a renovation show and there was lest human element. Hope next episode is better. Keep up the good work team Blitz.

  7. I’m watching 8 August Domestic Blitz show with my 2 primary aged children and the show is too depressing and confronting. Its not appropriate for so much information on cancer and death being shown on TV at this time. Our children have enough stuff to deal with and this is just not helpful nor entertainment – it might sell newspapers but it puts parents off allowing their children to watch this. Change your editing or we’ll turn off.

    Also stop putting on inappropriate advertising inbetween – we have to change channels every ad break of because of 60 minutes or other adult shows being advertised. If you can’t advertise a show without a sensational bit then its not a very good show is it? A good show has a good script, good cast and not just catastrophic events.

  8. I dont know what the above comments are about but I think what you guys do is an amazing thing. To be able to bring such joy to people who really deserve it must feel fantastic. I would love to be able to do what you do. Humblimg I expect. and it is always a positive thing. Bring on more shows like it. It is awesome television!!!!

  9. Jack those “people” just need to thank their lucky stars or the gods or whoever that they (or their loved ones) don’t currently have an awful disease or illness be it terminal or otherwise disrupting their own cruisey, self centred, selfish lives.. It seems that these illnesses more often than not strike the amazing people who have the ability to rise to the occasion and face the situation with courage, tenacity and strength with the loving arms of their families surrounding them and making each day count. These “people” with their negativity, criticism and lack of empathy towards the less fortunate and survivors of trauma/abuse don’t know they are alive.. they can’t feel their hearts beating lol.

  10. I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to make this note here, however, if there is another place to make such requests, I would be happy to hear from you.
    I have a friend who I met 47 years ago when I came to Australia and we’ve been friends ever since. She was diagnosed with MS 5 years ago and it has been a very rapid progression. Recently she, her husband and two young adult children have had to sell their tri level home and move into a group level more disability friendly house. They have also bought a people mover and had it modified in order to give my friend the ability to maintain her independence. Her daughter has delayed full time study in order to care for her mother and generally it’s been an emotionally and financially draining and tough time. She loves gardening and has the most amazing sense of decorating. In the new home she is really keen to renovate and redo the garden, however, finances and the fact that her husband is left to do a lot of the work is making it a very slow process.
    She is a most amazing woman and is surrounded by loving family and friends. I would truly appreciate it if you could contact me if there is anything at all that could be done for her and her family. She lives in Baulkham Hills in Sydney.
    I very much look forward to hearing from you.

  11. it’s interesting to see that people can be so tasteless about diseases i think shows like this are inspirational, these people are just like you and me but have it a lot tougher good on domestic blitz for making it better.

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