Returning: Louis Theroux

louisHurrah! Louis Theroux is coming back, this time with a premiere doco about Christianity.

Louis infiltrates the world of the born-again Christian evangelists, taking part in a rousing television broadcast and a street crusade, complete with guitar and tambourine. However, he remains unconvinced as to whether he can be saved, even by the angels who, according to his interviewees, are tasked with this job on Earth.

It airs 11:30pm Wednesday August 5 on Seven.


  1. @Michael

    Your right it is sensationalist. But thats what America is! I enjoy his “docos” more as opinion/personal interest stories. Not really Journalism they centre upon culteral extremes. Almost as a warning “Dont become this!”

  2. I love him and his interviewing technique. Uri Geller must of been ashamed when he gave the interview to martin bashir instead of Louis.

    Big fan can’t wait!

  3. I thought I had seen all Louie’s work, and yet I don’t remember this one. When was it originally produced?

    Would have been nice to see some of the newer work like ‘A Place for Paedophiles”.

  4. don’t think this is exactly a “premiere”, i’m sure i’ve seen it on bbc knowledge already.

    i think its from his “weird weekends” series, with this particular episode from 1998.

    it definitely one of his better docos though, some very very funny (and scary) stuff.

    love theroux!

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