Returning: Skins

EmilyThe wait for Skins fans will soon be over.

The third series is coming to SBS in late August, complete with its (almost) all new cast.

SBS will launch the show at 10:30pm Monday August 31st, following the free to air premiere of Entourage.

The characters include:
Pandora (Lisa Blackwell), Effy’s naive best friend.
Cook (Jack O’Connell) is the cocksure leader of the guys.
Freddie (Luke Pasqualino), a skateboarding pretty boy.
JJ (Ollie Barbieri), the clever one – and master magician.
Naomi (Lily Loveless) is a feisty gal – passionate, principled and often locking horns with others in the group.
Twins Katie: (Megan Prescott) and Emily (Kathryn Prescott, pictured). The first is a social beast, with an older footballer boyfriend and scant regard for others, while the other lives in her sister’s shadow, crippled by shyness.

It’s been a long time in between series, and despite much comment that the new breed of kids doesn’t live up to the original cast, it will be worth checking out.


  1. I’m excited for the new series too but yeah I’ll miss all the old characters. I don’t know If I’ll be able to get into it. Guess I’ll have to wait and see.

  2. I can’t wait. I watched a few episodes online and even though the characters are different the show still lives up to its standards. It’s a new cast, people shouldn’t compare them. they’re different people!!

  3. @Someone BBBA
    Yeah some of the teenage viewers might not be able to watch it but I think it is (or atleast the DVD) is rated R18+ so I doubt they would be allowed to get it earlier. I think the first two seasons aren’t as high a rating as this one. I mean, in the first episode of this season I think theres a bit where Cook pulls down his pants and I swear you can still see through his legs.

  4. I’ll miss Hannah Murray “Cassie” and her kookiness.

    Will be interesting to see the 2nd generation. Though rumour is, there may be a film including 1st and 2nd generation characters

  5. Someone BBBA

    The 10:30 timeslot is kind of stupid. Some of the teenage viewers won’t be able to stay up that late. They should have put Entourage on at an earlier timeslot on another night imo.

    Anyway, for those people who are intending to watch I would advise that the second half of the season is a lot better than the first.

  6. whatashotbyseve

    As someone who has seen the entire third season (and seasons 1 and 2), prepare to be very disappointed. The cast are not a patch on the first. The only saving grace was JJ. You will find over the course of the season that you will hark back to the time when Effy didn’t talk and was much more mysterious. The first episode was probably the best from memory, it will definitely draw you in for episode two. Unfortunately, the story arcs are far too predictable and boring.

  7. looking forward to this, only saw 3 or 4 eps of last season and got hooked, hope these new kids are if not better as good, and like TVTonightKiiD i would of also like to see this show on early but only if it was on at 8:30pm because i like my shows starting 30mins past the hour so i can flick over from something on the other networks and only miss the first 2mins, not the first 32mins, or if im watching channel 9, 10-15mins

  8. TVTonightKiiD

    All my friends who have seen it said the new cast is better than the original.
    I can’t wait for this show… i’m So Excited! 10.30 is a bit too late though. would have preferred the original 10pm timeslot 😉

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