Rush gets online season premiere

Irush21In a bold marketing move, Channel TEN will offer the first episode of Rush‘s second season online to viewers from 12pm this Friday.

That’s almost two weeks ahead of its television broadcast.

It will be available for viewing only until midnight Sunday night.

This is a smart move by TEN to generate word of mouth with its techno-friendly audience, without inhibiting too much on ts premiere date of July 16th.

Only a handful of Aussie shows have been available online before their on screen premiere, most notably Sea Patrol‘s very first episode.

Catch it online here.


  1. @Ben I use a Mac and prefer to DL rather than stream, although I like how ABC does it with iView as it’s included with Westnet and doesn’t get added to my data limit.

  2. Hi Craig,

    It’ll be in the same format as the other videos on TEN’s site. The default is 300kbps and you can also select a high quality 700kbps. No software needed – can be streamed through the video player.

  3. I couldn’t do it for Sea Patrol (as I didn’t have ADSL) but might give Rush a look in, depending on the size and if special software is needed. Why not just leak it on BT like they do in the US?

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