Seven cooking up reality rival

masterchef logoSeven is reportedly pursuing its own reality cooking show, following the stellar success of TEN’s MasterChef, according to B&T Today.

A Seven executive confirmed it will launch something competitive in the market. After 3.74m viewers tuned in, who should be surprised by this news? Let’s hope the copycat isn’t as dire as Make me a Supermodel was to Australia’s Next Top Model (so far no supermodel has yet emerged from Seven’s show either).

Meanwhile Nine’s new Coles-sponsored The Great Aussie Cook Off is intended as a daytime show. But the network is believed to be mulling another MasterChef competitor, not necessarily built around food, with some speculation it could be packaged by homeMADE‘s Julian Cress and David Barbour.Can we please have diverse casting, Nine?

Nine’s Sales Director Peter Wiltshire, said that cooking shows were “nothing new” and that the success of MasterChef was ultimately to do with the drama of the show, not the cooking. Very true.

TEN is said to be unfazed by its rivals’ plans.

Source: B&T, The Australian



  1. tasmanian devil

    @Bec, MasterChef Australia is anything but a copy of the UK version – it’s basically a cross between Idol and The Biggest Loser only it’s about cooking.
    By the way, I agree with Andrew. homeMADE, THIS afternoon, MasterChef, why don’t they just call them Home Made, This Afternoon and Master Chef??

  2. 10’s version of masterchef compared to the uk is alot different, our rules and theirs looks like a cheap production. people who are saying that masterchef has been copied, well duh! thats not were talking about! were talking about the fact ten brought a format from another country and made it work and now 7 and 9 have to follow which is bulls**t thats called no original thinking, ten changed masterchef aussie vserion alot.

  3. @Brodie: Whilst TEN doesn’t always come up with original ideas, they are usually the first to bring them to Australian TV’s and usually with a twist on the international franchise.

  4. I wouldn’t be suprised if they call it ‘So you think you can Cook?’. No wonder PayTV Drive has gone up in recent times, cause the FTA Networks are trying
    to out-stooge each other with copycat shows. They’ll keep copying each other until there is No-FTA channels left!.. Nice you FTA Network idiots!

  5. Seven seem to have forgotten how successful not Popstars Live was trying to cash in on the popularity of Australian Idol in it’s hey day.

  6. masterchef australia is nothing new it is just a copy of top chef america and masterchef UK… Very original of 10 to copy these programs and mix them into one and call it an original. Even more ground breaking of 7 to copy the copy!!!

  7. here is what ten’s david mott had to say

    Ten’s chief programmer David Mott said he wasn’t surprised by other network’s trying to cash in on their success but warned viewers wouldn’t be fooled.

    “We aren’t the ones that need to be concerned because when you’ve got a brand like this audiences smell a rat and go “Hang on a second, why are the other networks copying?”,” he said.

    “It’s try hard and it’s been done. I don’t think audiences will respond”

    soooo very true david!!!!

  8. One of the networks needs to buy the rights to the UK show “Come Dine With Me” it has all the elements to make people want to tune in, people cooking, competition and drama from people who have only just met.

    It could work as a 5 nights a week thing or what they do now its 4 people and it fits in an hour show.

  9. Does anyone else think that this could also be an attempt at trying to sabotage Masterchef by the way of over doing the cooking genre so people are sick of it by the time the next series comes around.

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