Seven extends Jackson coverage

Updated: Seven beefs up its news reports for Wednesday to cover the Jackson Memorial, with more Jacko added to 7HD.

mjNetworks continue to fall over themselves in the race to cover the Michael Jackson Memorial Service.

Details on programming are changing as the day progresses.

Amongst the latest details is word that Today Tonight reporter Clare Brady has scored one of the 17,500 tickets to the Memorial events in an online ballot.

Tomorrow night Seven News will screen extended one hour reports from 4:30pm and 6pm, with TT airing at 7pm. Thank God You’re Here season finale at 7.30pm.

Seven will also replay the Memorial from 12pm and commercial free from 7pm on 7HD followed by Michael Jackson: The Last Time from 9pm. Nine has already slated its repeat for 7pm.

As a result of the changes, a double episode of Home and Away will screen at 7pm Thursday, followed by Ghost Whisperer at 8pm and a special double episode of Grey’s Anatomy at 9pm. Scrubs repeat is out but Heroes remains.

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  1. It’s worse.We lost My Name is Earl,How I met your Mother,Family Guy and American Dad all for the death of Michael Jackson.Those shows are the highlight of Wednesdays for Me.

  2. @greysfan… channel seven has already spoiled the big surprise of the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy with the promos. The episode builds to an unforeseen moment which as already been spoiled by channel 7 and their advertising department

  3. Well so much for Seven showing ‘MJ The Last Time’ in full last night. They showed an edited 1 hr version the night before then said they would replay the full concert from 12.50am and barely got past halfway through then cut away from it to show the hearse driving down a freeway for the next half an hour …

    now it is only going to be repeated on 7HD when it hasn’t even been shown in full yet on the normal SD channel…

  4. No HD on any channel, as it turns out (Ten is taking the CBS feed and probably would have had it in HD if not for the sportfest channel).

    Picture quality on Nine HD is atrocious – sub-YouTube quality (and that’s non-HD YouTube!) Washed out, blurry, lines all around the edges, awful.

    Seven HD has a vastly superior picture, though still clearly not HD.

  5. Not happy about Grey’s being shifted to 9pm. It is the 100th episode for gods sake. I know MJ is a huge thing but come on Seven you could have waited till Monday to do the double of Home and Away.

    As for Nine its just another ratings grab showing the memorial in prime time. It will hurt TGYH for sure now. TGYH maybe should have been on Sunday or Thursday not Wednesday. Maybe if there is another series Seven could think about that.

  6. I’m afraid the TGYH finale may be thrashed.

    People will watch the 7pm replay on 9, because people will probably be at work, when 7’s replay is on.

    The primetime replay will get the ratings, purely on audience numbers, not a midday replay which could attract less viewers, as ratings boxes are mainly off.

  7. wow seven must be so glad they have a reporter who will actually be in the audience, this we help make seven’s coverage stand out from the rest as they have something the other networks dont, a reportor who who actually attended the service, i would assume that other reporters worldwide would have applied for tickets as well.

  8. Also just heard from the 4:30 news that like Nine, they’ll be having several Michael Jackson tributes from midnight. Theres a 20 minute special, then they’re replaying the concert special from last night, only it goes for 2 hours and not the single edited hour we saw last night. Would have rathered we saw the proper ‘extended’ version rather than putting up with a half hearted effort :/

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