Seven scrubs out Monday Scrubs

scrubsAfter being whipped last night by Two and a Half Men (two phrases that should never be in the same sentence together), Seven has pulled Scrubs from its Monday schedule next week.

The Seven comedy took 765,000 to 1.09 for Nine’s Big Bang Theory -and 1.4m for Men-. TEN took 1.17m for Recruits across the hour. Australian Story managed 1.01m.

Next week it will screen double eps of How I Met Your Mother which was more respectable at 910,000. A week later Seven has the Miracle on the Hudson Plane Crash doco. Presumably it might bed in something new the week after.

Oh and for the record: “Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother will need to perform better this week without TEN’s reality contest excusing its figures” –TV Tonight July 19.

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  1. franz chong

    No Offence Intended but Monday is the start of the working week.How many people who work in the medical profession actually want to take their work home and watch it on television.

  2. Neon Kitten

    There you go, Nine – give Big Bang Theory a chance and people will find it (those who haven’t already seen these episodes long, long ago, anyway). It’s one of the funniest comedies on television, a remarkable feat from the creator of the awful 2.5 Men 🙂

  3. franz chong

    Disappointing to say the least.

    This was one of the few medical programmes other than Nine’s RPA I didn’t mind sitting through

  4. How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs have been performing poorly for ages – even long before Masterchef ate into the 7.30pm time slot. For some reason, Two and a Half Men has more mass appeal than Mother in any case. 7 should take this chance to do something completely different with Monday nights, perhaps a complete revamp of the night after Desperate and Bros and Sis finishes.

  5. koverstreet


    @ kirk..agree big bang is excellent ,gotta love sheldon!

    And this is really silly by 7 how much difference can it make..200k? is it worth that to stuff around the Scrubs fans? Knee jerk reaction.

  6. Ha! 2Paw looks like channel seven are doing really badly then – considering someone who seems relatively interested in the show doesnt even know what channel its on. But if its any consilation you can rest assured now that for the next year at least they will all be repeats – and after that it wont be the same show.

    I gave up on seven along time ago regarding scubs – and just stick to my dvds.

  7. We had the same Scrubs episode two weeks running (why would they do that?? it makes me very cross)- the one where JD discovers the baby hates his new cologne, and entirely missed out on seeing the two episodes about The Janitor’s wedding. Channel 9 here plays fast and loose with Scrubs, I never know when it will definitely be on and when it is a repeat.

  8. i cant understand why repeats of two and a half men keep out rating the competition, especially since most the eps have been shown around there times, for example why on mondays would you watch an ep of men that you have seen 3 times before in the past year when you can watch a new ep of how i met your mother. (by the way i think men is a great show but the problem is nine keep replaying the ssme eps again and again with such a short amount of time between re screening)

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