Seven tops local content list

city homicideThe Australian Communications and Media Authority has released its findings on Australian content on commercial free to air television in 2008.

It found Seven, Nine and TEN all exceeded the minimum requirement of 55% local content be aired between 6am and midnight.

Channel Seven broadcast 64% Australian content while Nine’s PBL-owned stations on the East Coast aired more than 60% Australian content. TEN just cleared the minimum averaging 56%.

Seven was the only network to increase its local content from 2007.

2008 was a strong year for local content, particularly in drama with titles including Underbelly, Packed to the Rafters, Sea Patrol, Neighbours, Rush, All Saints, Home and Away, City Homicide, The Strip, McLeod’s Daughters, Out of the Blue, Scorched, Canal Road, The Informant and Emerald Falls (some completed in 2007).

Nine Network licensees averaged 286 drama points in their three metropolitan markets while Seven Network licensees averaged 276 points and Network TEN licensees scored 268 points. But while Nine accrued valuable points via a lift in miniseries, it was Seven that actually broadcast more local drama hours (173 hours) over Nine (76 hours) and TEN (170 hours).

All three broadcasters met the quota requirement of 96 hours for first release children’s drama, which spans over a three-year period from 2006 to 2008.

In first release Australian documentaries Seven broadcast more than 82 hours, Nine 43 hours and TEN 24 hours.

Nine had the most NZ content (31 hours), which qualify for local points under the Free Trade Agreement, and was the only network to increase NZ content from 2007. Seven had 27 hours and TEN 7 hours.

Source: ACMA


  1. The absolute crap that 7 9 and 10 feed us daily is absolutely roasting my brain.
    Seven gave us 64% Australian content? . . how the hell did they work that out?
    Has anyone actually picked up the TV guide and taken a good look at it?

    FTA TV has this amazing opportunity to teach and broaden our society’s minds . . . . but no, we get the opposite of that.

    M.A.S.H is back on again, can you freekin believe that? What decade is this again?
    Oh and lets not forget I Dream of Jeanie and The Jetsons are also back on.
    Will Hogans Heros and Happy Days be back soon? I’ve got money on it.

  2. I run my own websites, forums and blogs Nick and I would not encourage conflict and I certainly would not accuse somebody of making a dumb comment. My point about the American influence in our cop shows etc is that our actors act the parts the same way as the actors on US shows do. Our writers toss the various Criminal Codes and other legislation out the window when it comes to depicting a suspect’s rights in the field, during arrest and in the interview room, that’s how the US does it, Miranda and other suspects rights go down the gurgler. That’s why I don’t watch Aussie or US dram programming

    If you want to see how an interview is actually conducted in Australia encompassing all the various legislation get hold of a copy of the AFP and QPS transcript of the arrest and interview of the suspected terrorist Mohamed Haneef. That was my point.

    As for Underbelly and Packed to the Rafters I can’t comment because I don’t watch them, Ive got far better things to do, but I’ll bet London to a brick that Underbelly isn’t depicting police procedures as they are legislated and Rafters isn’t based on our humour. Apologies for the delay Nick I found a link to this story during a Yahoo search. Australian TV is a sad place these days

  3. franz chong

    Half of Nines Content is made up of American Shows.

    For Close to Thirty Years we relied on Sale of the Century,Price is Right,The Short lived Crossfire and later on Temptation as the 7pm offerings Now they import in 2.5 men episodes at 50 grand each of which a month or two of those could have been used to save the people who make Humphrey from going broke

  4. What a dumb comment gasbo, you do understand that we too have a police force, a health care system, homicide squads, rescue squads It’s not just an american thing that they only decide to base their shows upon. What about Underbelly and Packed to the Rafters, how do they have any American Influence?

    don’t just post comments on the basis of creating conflict

  5. Yeah, I’m sorry, but the aussie content they boast about isn’t really Australian, it’s American, pretty much everything made in Australia these days is along US production lines. So whilst they are abiding by the acts and regs, they really are producing stuff that is foreIgn to discerning Aussie viewers.

    Stuff that has an Aussie influence is flicks like “The Castle” and “Dalkieth’ or TV TV series’ like Blackjack were truly Australian. All our drama, comedy and scifi/supernatural stuff could have been made in the US, the only difference is the accent.

    The producers of Sea Patrol aren’t included in this spray….

    Australian TV is a sad place these days

  6. @gerry. The networks no doubt should look at quality not quantity but the law say quantity. It’s a bit of a joke considering how much N.Z stuff they buy in.

  7. Oh David I didn’t mean so much your story. I know the widely used term is “local content”. It just has always seemed odd to me.

    Local content to me is things like Sydney Weekend, Prime News, Postcards and Ten News Adelaide.

    I don’t know how All Saints and Masterchef are “local”. It’s just an odd term.

    I was more suggesting it’s probably about time we call it Australian content.

  8. obviously nine just want to save money by producing as little local content as possible, but as i said below it will know hurt them in the ratings.

  9. no surprise that nine has 100 hrs less local programming than seven and ten, also if you exclude nz shows they only have about 60hrs, nines problem now is that other than the few local programs they have, they now have no new programming for the rest of the year! as all the american series have know ended, this means that until February next year most of the schedule will be US repeats. (we will probably see even more of 2 and a half men now)

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