Shows cancelled as audiences complain about “insulting” O’Loughlin

folQueensland Performing Arts Centre confirmed two performances by comedian Fiona O’Loughlin had been cancelled following a performance on Thursday night which attracted scathing criticism from audience members.

O’Loughlin collapsed onstage and was rushed to hospital. But reports on the Dancing with the Stars contender now suggest there was more afoot than exhaustion.

“During Thursday night’s comedy show in Brisbane, Fiona was unable to complete her performance,” a Channel Seven spokesperson said.

”A combination of exhaustion and one too many drinks during the afternoon caused the incident.”

One audience member told the Courier Mail, “It was pretty disgusting.

“It was obvious from the start that something was wrong.

“She was rambling and slurring her words and insulting the crowd.”

At one point O’Loughlin sat on a couch which was placed on stage, only to fall to the ground.

“She was lying on the floor and began crawling on her hands and knees,” a source told the newspaper.

“People just started leaving and finally someone cut the show.

“We were amazed they allowed it to go on for as long as they did.”

She returned to Melbourne yesterday to prepare for the variety show this Sunday night.

Source: Courier Mail, Herald Sun


  1. I just checked youtube…nothing. Didn’t anyone in the audience think to point their phone to the stage? That’s the sort of thing you want to see!

  2. I would have loved to have been there to see her absolutely hammered, would have made for interesting viewing…strange that when she collapsed no one tried to help her.

  3. I don’t think her audience was there for a laugh considering she is not ,and has never been, funny. It probably improved her performance.

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