Tahnee storms public vote

Cassi_TahneeTahnee Atkinson, 17 (pictured, right), won the audience vote by a landslide to win the title of Australia’s Next Top Model 2009.

The public tipped her over the line to win the title from Cassi Van Den Dungen, despite only having three of four judges votes.

A Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight: “With seven professional judges, we created a voting system that saw each judge’s decision count for ten points (or 10%) and the audience vote was made up of 30 points, 30%.

“With the judges voting 4-3 in Cassi’s way – Tahnee needed a public vote of higher than 67 per cent to overturn the judges.

“Final public voting saw Cassi receive 17.5 % of the votes and Tahnee scored 82.5%.”

Foxtel is also cheering at 342,000 viewers who tuned in across its two screenings last night on FOX8 and FOX8+2, up from last year’s 309,000. It is claiming the favourite show as the highest rating television series ever on subscription television.

Director of Television Brian Walsh, said: “Australia’s Next Top Model has cemented itself as the flagship program for subscription television and there is no stopping this ratings juggernaut. Once again the series has continued to build and grow and last night’s finale was an incredible success.”

Producers varied the voting mix this year to accommodate an extra judge.

Last year the show had 6 judges for its finale, who tied with 3 votes for each finalist leaving the audience to effectively decide the winner, Demelza Reveley.


  1. You boys really have to much time on your hands there is no way my partner would sit and watch ANTM not that its a bad show as I will watch it if i catch it on just did not think was a boys thing, especially knowing all the facts for BMI in italy. Yeah i am over hearing about it from the Media its over its over.

  2. @Luke W

    I watched Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation and Time Shifted Australia’s Next Top Model so I could skip through that and also Dollhouse after (granted 15 minutes towards the end of Dollhouse I caught up to the ad breaks), each to their own however Packed To The Rafters is not my type of show.

    I also think Tahnee may have been in the right place at the right time, with Spain bringing in a minimum BMI for models and with this happening in Italy:

    *”Italy’s fashion industry and the government have pledged to abide by a voluntary code of conduct which aims to keep unhealthy models from the catwalk.

    According to the code, models must provide a medical certificate proving they do not suffer eating disorders.

    The code also bans the use of models aged under 16 and urges the use of larger-sized models.”*

    Not that Tahnee is larger-sized, however she is more curvaceous and if Italy’s Fashion Houses start following the code and making dresses for catwalks too suit they will not be putting them on the less curvaceous models, so Tahnee would fit that bill well.

  3. Thanks for getting this info David. I was close with estimating that Tahnee would have needed a landslide of public votes to have won. Slightly off-topic, but I am curious if anyone else did what I did last night. Started watching ANTM on FOX8, then changed to PTTR at 8:35>8:38>8:42 😉 then continued watching ANTM on FOX8+2 when PTTR finished. You have to love timeshift.

  4. Christopher

    Todd, the only model out of all the contestants this year was Clare. It was a terrible season, just as bad as last year. Hopefully the average age of the girls next year is closer to the American version, I’m sick of these teenage bogans.

  5. I’m so happy with the result.
    There’s no way in hell that Cassie should have won or deserved to be anywhere near the final. Those judges were kidding themselves when they gave her the vote and said to not disappoint them. Meh, I can’t stand the judges anyway.

    I also feel for you people who endured the drawn out live show with D grade singers. I was actually glad that I had to work for once and had to record it.

  6. This dragged on and on and on. I would rather see a packaged ANTM style final episode.

    Please keep the D grade singers in the cupboard.

    If Cassi won she would be the next Ebony. Who you might ask????

  7. There is no way Cassi should have won this comp… she is a disgrace. Tahnee has personality, amazing beauty and good work ethic. She definately deserved to win. Cassi should not even have been in top two! I was shocked, should have been someone who deserved it… like Clair! About the voting system, it should have been explained but I think it was obvious that Tahnee would appeal to the Australian population over Cassi 100 fold! No one likes a sooky, over reacting tool.

  8. For a 90 minute finale, surely at some point they should’ve explained the voting system to viewers? It was really weird how they dealt with the result at the end…there was no explanation as to how the audience vote swung the decision to Tahnee. Suss.

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