TEN casts Hawke

BobHawkeThe casting is in on Hawke, TEN’s new telemovie that begins filming in August, first revealed here.

Richard Roxburgh will play the title role with Rachael Blake as former wife Hazel Hawke.

Asher Keddie will play Hawke’s present partner, Blanche d’Alpuget. Felix Williamson will play Paul Keating.

The story will follow the former PM’s incredible transformation from the alcoholic, womanising but skilled Trade Union President to a politician on the world stage.

The Producer is Richard Keddie, director is Emma Freeman and the script is written by Glen Dolman.

“There are not many bigger stories or characters than Bob Hawke. Of all the projects I have produced this is by far the most ambitious and exciting. This cast is incredible – all our first choice.” said Producer, Richard Keddie.

“To get Richard to play Bob is one of the most anticipated portrayals in the business. Rachael as Hazel is perfect. Felix Williamson’s interpretation of Paul Keating is astounding, and Asher is absolutely Blanche.”

Executive Producer, Rick Maier said “Bob Hawke reset the agenda in Australian politics; always with his heart on his sleeve and with his private life so often under the glare of public scrutiny. We’re delighted to see such a brilliant cast assemble on TEN for this major television event”.

Let’s get the slogan ideas going: “Any person who doesn’t watch this is a bum!”


  1. When you are constantly criticized for every idea you have or every move you make, how are you supposed to perform at your best? They have a difficult job and they need our support. Just as anyone needs to be supported in any career path.

  2. Christine Tickner

    I was an Australian child living in poverty in 1989, and I am not stupid enough to blame the Government for my problems. Bob Hawke was a wonderfull prime minster, as was Kevin Rudd and to those of you who disagree I have something to say to you. Grow up and stop blaming your problems on these people who work so hard to run this country !!!

  3. Richard Roxburgh, yeah he seems like a pretty good choice for this. He did a pretty good performance as Roger Rogerson in Blue Murder. Very method. 😉

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