TEN locks in big shows

Nurse Jackie, Celebrity MasterChef, NCIS: LA and The Spearman Experiment. TEN hints at what's going where.

nurse_jackieTEN has released major details of several new shows to launch in coming weeks.

Celebrity MasterChef will be slated as a Wednesday night programme. The one hour show is set to roll over 10 weeks.

Despite words to the contrary from programmer David Mott, NCIS: LA will be fastracked from the US, also to screen on Wednesday nights. Maybe TEN didn’t warm to the advice of many readers here who were urging for a quick turnaround. Still, it is the prerogative of network programmers to move their wares around -especially when it is in advance of print guides.

Glee will also be fastracked from the US, to screen Thursday nights on TEN. Earlier this week in the US it was announced that the show would now launch one week ahead of previous plans (Sept 9).

Most excitingly, TEN is planningNurse Jackie on Sunday nights. This half hour cable drama starring Edie Falco as an overworked emergency nurse is attracting quite a buzz. Little Britain: USA also has its free to air premiere on TEN, to screen Sunday nights.

And the secretive new pop-culture quiz show The Spearman Experiment is to become a Tuesday night show -no doubt to replace Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation. This local show will launch in September with ‘an iconic host’ -expect confirmation of the big name this weekend.

As it did at the top of the year, TEN is very bold in throwing down the gauntlet on its programming so publicly. Nine and Seven always keep their cards very close to their chest. TEN’s strategy appears to be to ‘claim’ the nights and make other networks work around them…

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  1. They’ve got a bit of spunk over at ten haven’t they? Doing a pretty cool job this year. This next wave of shows look great also. They always seem to be proactive while the other channels resort to copycating…boring.

  2. Looks like an interesting second half, except for NCIS:LA although I’m sure that’ll rate its socks off and improve TEN’s dire Wednesdays. I wonder what The Spearman Experiment will be?

  3. This should be an interesting line up.

    I watched Good News Week for the first time ever on Monday and loved it reason being there was nothing else I could find appealing and not aimed at females I could watch Southpark was a repeat I have seen many times before and I am not interested in 4 corners and Sea Patrol.

  4. Reading all these comments it says something about the state of television that Channel 10 announces it’s new exciting shows and people have seen a lot of them. I can’t help but think that the Showtime/HBO dramas and dramedys will struggle on commercial networks as fans gave up watching them live a long time ago. I think the big hits will sadly be the broad family friendly shows that appeal to families who watch tv together.

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